Oh my Magnum…sandwich!

Magnum sandwich

I still cling to a thread of hope that eventually I’ll find Magnum’s Marc de Champagne bar stocked at least 7 boxes deep in the frozen dessert section, but for now these will do. Half vanilla ice cream sandwich, half chocolate and almond-covered ice cream bar, the Magnum sandwich is reportedly an item that first came out in 2002. I guess the decision was made to bring this back again (I’ve never even heard of it before) and it was a surprise to see that Ipercoop Mapello carries it.

6 thoughts on “Oh my Magnum…sandwich!

    1. Rowena Post author

      I just don’t understand why the stores here mainly cater to the kids and bring in only the “rubbish stuff” not worth biting into. These sandwich bars were a treat!


    1. Rowena Post author

      Whenever I’m eating one of those Magnum treats, Mister B is always right there, giving me pleading looks for a little taste. I tell him, ‘Dogs are not supposed to eat chocolate!’



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