Dolci (desserts)

Abbracci (black and white ‘hug’ cookies)
Apostle’s Fingers (rolled crepes filled with ricotta)
Bomboloni (filled donuts)
Wood stove orange brownies (inspired by the original campfire version)
Cherry-filled ground almond cookies (in the style of Biscotti di Ceglie)
Chestnut-mascarpone cream puffs
Chocolate chocolate chip biscotti
Chocolate pasticciotto
Cuddrireddri (sicilian carnevale cookies)
Emergency honey wafers made with a pizzelle iron
Gluten-free blueberry and cashew cake
Hazelnut cake with white chocolate and blackberry buttercream
Nucatoli (sicilian xmas cookies)
Red leaf shiso mochi
Rijsttart (belgian rice tart)
Shoe-shaped cookies of San Ilario
Surinam cherry chiffon pie
Tonka bean canelés
Triple-breasted fertility goddess cookies
Vitelotte potato haupia tart
Zeppole di San Giuseppe
Zeppole di San Giuseppe (Napoli-style)

Lemon verbena with caramelized fig
Kiwi-Macadamia nut
Shiso leaf and black sesame gelato

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