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Thank Daim it’s Friday

Daim ice cream cone

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find the right frozen treat to end this hot, humid, energy-draining week, but Daim came to the rescue. Caramel ice cream with Daim nibs and caramel sauce in a cone. I can’t decide which is better – the Daim bar or the cone – but between cones, bars, and Magnum sandwiches, having all 3 in the freezer will get us through the weekend. TGIF!

Magnum sandwich and Daim-co


Daim, it’s good!

Daim, it's good!
Dachshund channeling Daim, Daim, give me some Daim.

I had to wikipedia what Daim (pronounced dime) is but don’t hold it against me if I get a little creative with the pronunciation. Daaahim! This ice cream bar is not bad at all! Not too sweet like the previous Toblerone bar and no toffee bits stuck in your teeth. I haven’t yet gotten into the Magnum Mini Infinity bars but I’m 100% sure that the rich chocolate ice cream in a deep chocolate coating with cocoa nibs will deliver on Magnum’s frozen dessert fame.

Magnum Infinity and Daim

National Ice Cream Month starts today

Okay July, is it going to be hot and sunny? Or hot, cool, cloudy, sunny, and rainy in a wonky weather game of spin-the-bottle? Regardless of how this month progresses, each Friday I’ll post frozen desserts currently taking up space in the freezer. It is true that in a country like Italy, artisan gelato is king. But when supermarkets start pitching the weekly ice cream sales on two full pages, why not grab your fair share of them?

Ice cream bars

I am a shameless fan of Magnum bars, especially the mini’s, but still waiting on the peanut butter flavor to reach stores over here.

Oreo ice cream stick

Oreo ice cream on a stick is okay if you like Oreos, but I’m more of a Fig Newton type of gal.