April showers brought May flowers, and more showers

As we near the end of the 4th week since stay-at-home restrictions were modified to allow us some breathing room, I’m beginning to wonder how that’ll affect summer vacationers. Access to beaches (not all) were opened to the public but as to be expected, not everyone heeded social-distancing or wore masks. And this is just May! It gives me some relief to see the numbers getting lower, yet it feels uneasy being out in a crowd that thinks or behaves like the Covid-19 is all over and done with.

Which, for the moment, is fine with us to simply avoid them. The flower garden and yard has benefited from daily pest-control. MotH has his woodworking projects lined up. But perhaps the most telling aspect of the current stay-home lifestyle is that MotH has had a taste of what retirement could be like. When asked if it was boring to have so much extra time (he now has 6-hour days, twice a week), his immediate answer was a big No way! I wish every day could be like this.

The summer haircut

Lockdown phase 2: Back in business

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

I don’t understand why they even continue to call it Lockdown Phase 2. Today, of all days, should be declared Italia: Reboot! From north to south, restaurants, bars and stores that were forced to close shop since March 10th will be rolling out the welcome mat. As long as requisite safety measures have been met, May 18th means ‘back in business’ for the working class.

As a perfect example of how much the populace is ready to reclaim all that’s been put on hold, just try getting an appointment at the hairdresser. In an interview this morning, a salon owner said something like being booked solid up to July. Appointment only! At Orea Malià salon in Milan, this guy’s t-shirt pretty much says what many of us are thinking right now – Fug Yeah!