Westie on a bunch of Westys

Westie on bunch of Westys

In the beer universe, Westvleteren 12’s aka “Westys” are considered among the best if not thee best beer in the world. I had to jump through hoops to get these but just to be clear – the Mads will not be riding all the way home on a crate of trappist beer. She and the doxie will be squeezed somewhere between the dirty laundry and hiking boots.

Like 2 peas in a pod

We like this place called Belgium!

Mister B in Belgium

Three days into our Belgium road trip and I think the dynamic duo are beginning to think that this place is our new home. Weather is great, beer even greater, frites, gaufre, and other local specialties all very tasty and never enough; it’ll be a sad day when we have to go back to Italy. Still haven’t bought the famous belgian chocolates but will get those in a couple of days!

Maddie in Belgium

Chocolate-stuffed and plain gaufre in Liege

Gaufres Liégeoises, chocolate-stuffed (they stick chocolate batons into the cooked gaufre) or plain – a definite must when in Liege. Get ’em piping hot from the open window at Pollux (far left in the photo) on rue de la Cathedrale.