Quite the day for weddings…

May 19th – Here in the chestnut forest there also was an unforgettable wedding of sorts (the bride and groom sure chose a ‘royal date’) but unlike Harry and Meghan, it had Italian humor thrown in. I’ve posted these funny wedding banners before and while some can be a bit racy, it’s clear that anything that rhymes with marito will be a constant favorite.

Martina we said 1 mojito
not 1 marito (husband)


Let’s do Mother’s Day again!

Mother's Day 2018
6 Original Recipe, 6 Tenders, 8 Hot Wings – long live the Colonel!

Of all the Mother’s Days in years past, none included fast food and certainly none in Italy meant a bucket from KFC. I actually don’t mind cooking (something special of course) but as we were celebrating USA and Italy, I knew the day would be much more relaxing if I didn’t need to lift a finger in the kitchen.

Tajima beef
The total weight amounted to just over 2 ounces at 199.00€/kilo

Who am I kidding?!! I went back on my ‘no cooking’ stand as soon as I spotted imported beef…from Japan. If someone had told me 5 years ago that wagyu would find its way here to major supermarkets in Italy and not just trendy restaurants, I would’ve thought them overly optimistic. I made sure to scrutinize every detail on the packaging. Born, fattened, and slaughtered in Japan. Butchered in Italy.

Tajima beef from Japan
I’ve never seen marbling like this, up close and personal

The 3 tiny pieces (2 x 4 inches, more or less) required only a quick flip on a very hot griddle and they practically melted in the mouth. Such a special treat to have another country represented at the table and a better choice than what is proffered as sushi at a grocery store. Italy towered over the Colonel by way of Tuscan Belsedere – nice ass – a name that probably only Italians can get away with, no?

Belsedere – Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon

Mother’s Day all over the world 💐

Because the way I see it, why stop at one (yours) when you can have a few more? As a mother of a young man with a family of his own, I’m happy to receive a simple phone call. But if you think of the holiday on a worldwide scale, mothers are getting special treatment throughout the whole month of May. I thought it would be fun to observe Mother’s Day on different dates by cooking a dish from a country that is not with the majority who will be celebrating this coming Sunday. For Spain and Lithuania it was this past Sunday, May 6th, so in honor of those mamas, I made Spanish fish stew marmitako and Lithuanian honey cake medaus tortas to serve al fresco.

Mother's Day picnic

Rosé season is already upon us so that meant opening a bottle of pink. This Aka (named after a rare Japanese coral) was lovely and delicious – dry, fresh, berry flavors – and a perfect match with the tuna stew and honey cake. Yesterday, May 8th, it was Mother’s Day (Parents Day to be more precise) in Korea and I cooked our all-time favorite – bibimbap. This Sunday is going to be even better because I am not cooking and a 20% off coupon from KFC is sitting in my bag…

Aka primitivo
Aka rosato from Puglia: http://cpvini.it