All masked up and ready to…..

Mr B ready for Carnevale 2016?

run. That pretty much summed it up when the camera stopped clicking and the doggie treats came to an end. My efforts at creating a venetian-style mask was on the ground with a flip of his head. With Carnevale around the corner (I know, so early this year) we don’t have plans to check out any specific event, but a mask is always a must!

Speaking of plans, once again Mother Nature has some of her own as warmer than usual temps are back. 63°F (17°C) today – that’s a first for January. Last year on this date it was 36°F, we had some snow, and it was just the kind of weather for a proper Giorni della Merla (Three Days of the Blackbird). The year before that I was wearing mitts and showing off my Keep Calm and Eat Cupcakes mug. In Italy there’s a saying: