Delaware trip: first time visit to the east coast

Flashback to the beaches on Kauai, only this time it’s Delaware’s shoreline

It’s nearly a week and a half since returning home from an extended Labor Day weekend at my son’s home in Delaware. After struggling with jet lag, taming the garden that decided to go gangbusters while we were gone, and seeing the vet twice in a week (our dogs caught a nasty case of ‘kennel cough’ while we were away), I think it’s safe to say that we’re finally settled in. We haven’t seen my only progeny and his wife since 2011, so there was a lot of catching up and family time together during what I and the MotH both feel as the best vacation we’ve had yet.

Cape Henlopen

We let the young’uns do the daily itinerary which is why 7 days felt like 2 weeks…we didn’t have to plan anything! No driving, not even cooking (with the exception of one night when we held an osso buco and risotto alla milanese cooking lesson). Beef pho, grilled beef brisket, skirt steak tacos, Philly cheesesteak..,between eating out and eating in, that’s a LOT of red meat in a week.

The ossobuchi were GIGANTIC!

The National Mall in DC, Liberty Bell in Philly, Delaware’s beaches and a visit to Dover AFB as a ‘Lookie Lou’ inside a C-17 military transport aircraft (my garsh they are so HUGE!) were highlights of the trip. And of course I bought so much stuff from the supermarket that I can’t get here: blue corn chips, Libby’s pumkin puree, evaporated milk, Harvest Snaps crisps, Kodiac Cakes flapjack and waffle mixes, even a couple cans of water chestnuts. But what I really regret is not grabbing a container or two of glazed apple fritters and some chipotle Tabasco sauce.

Dear Chuck and Carisa, if you should ever read this, now you know what Mom wants when you eventually plan a trip across the pond!

Whoever thought Tampax could be so hip?

All summer long I kept seeing this Tampax #decidoio on tv and just passing it off as another one of those trendy Italian commercials with equally trendy music in the background. I know that stuff still gets censored in the states but over here…to each his own. You can clearly hear the f-word phrase from Mikey Mike’s song Doin’ Me near the end, but that’s not what bothers me. Neither do the tampons being associated with body-shaming, gender discrimination, and dressing as you please. What bugs me is the ‘I decide’ hashtag, as if deciding how you take care of your monthly should be a big effing deal in the first place.

The video isn’t shown in its entirety; missing is a part where a hand model demonstrates how to insert the tampon then release the applicator. All of 2 seconds that for some reason, is absent in this video. I find it hard to believe that #youngItalianwomenareTHATstupid.

Lo sapete vero?
You know, right?
Non smetteranno mai di giudicare
They’ll never stop judging
e di pensare che io lì non c’entro niente.
and thinking that I don’t belong there.
Mi fisseranno… ma va bene così,
They’ll stare at me…but that’s okay,
perché i loro sguardi non mi toccheranno
because their stares won’t touch me
e sarò proprio dove voglio essere.
and I’ll be right where I want to be.
Non smetterò mai di fare le mie scelte.
I’ll never stop making my choices.
Sono io a decidere.
I decide.