Oh hell hail, not again!!!

Weather end of May

What a week! Double hailstorm on Monday, mammo tech touching “the girls” without gloves (I know, WEIRD – can you spell budget cut?) and baby grass snakes hanging around the yard. It’s a relief to be wrapping up the past few days with some fair weather tomorrow, but lo and behold, look what’s in store come Sunday: more hailstorms. I don’t mind rain, even lots of it, but grandinigeni (hailstorms) are the Freddy Kruegers of everything in the yard and garden.

Hail Monday
Hail Monday, times two.

Hail on doghouse
When all hail breaks loose, it’s time to abandon ship!

Hail underfoot
That was one hailuva hailstorm.

Come on down to Mr. Brown on May 29th


I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned that MotH plays the keyboard in a small band, so this is a shout out for the group. Next week Sunday they’ll be jamming at La Locanda di Mr. Brown, Via Cadore, 96, 20831 Seregno (MB).