Miraval: I’m glad we got our hands on this pink

MIraval Côtes de Provence

Beer has always been our drink of choice during the summer months but from here on out, rosé wine, and I mean the worthy ones (not cheap pink stuff in a can or from the grocer’s) is owning a spot in the fridge. I had only heard of Jolie-Pitt’s Miraval, like, a few months ago, and 17€ price tag notwithstanding, my concern was that it wouldn’t do justice to the fish.

Orata en papillote
Sea bream en papillote with bell peppers, onions, potatoes; perfumed with kaffir lime leaves

Well, justice it did. It paired well with the asian notes from the kaffir lime leaves. Miraval is light, refreshing, crisp, and so not like the sweet and cloying pinks I’ve had in the past. Easy to drink without being written off as simply a fine rosé, I had to ask MotH to stop because I wanted to have some with leftovers on Monday. Btw, he scoffed and poured himself another.

Miraval by Jolie-Pitt

It was funny when the sales clerk made sure to point out the Jolie-Pitt name on the label – like I already didn’t know! What I didn’t expect was how well it would go with the herbal and salty flavors of goat’s milk cheeses. Miraval is made with grenache, cinsault, syrah and rolle grapes. As a higher-priced rosé it won’t be something I’d buy often, but with Hollywood’s elite on the bottle, I concede that it deserves all the fanfare.

Bastille Day cheese board
We are out of french cheese and need to go back for more

It’s all sunshine and rosés

Rosé stash 2017

Bastille Day 2017 – this is probably my utmost favorite of non-american holidays being that it’s an occasion to go full french on the menu (escargot!) and allows a moment to reflect on the memorable vacations we’ve had in the land of marvelous cheese and crusty baguettes. Today, however, is a spectacle with the U.S. President in ‘Paris-is-no-longer-Paris’ and I’ve been glued to the tv since 8 this morning.

The media (CNN, to be precise) was up and ready way before me. No need to repeat the same unfavorable views held by the press, but they had my ear when they mentioned Jim, the mysterious friend of Trump who no longer feels that France is France.

Dinner tonight: escargot, sea bream en papillote, banon cheese, baguette, apple tourtons for dessert, and a bottle of Brangelina’s, I mean ex-Brangelina’s MIRAVAL rosé. I hope it’s as good as the hype. Have a great weekend.

The Hawaii State flag will have to do…

Hawaii will have to do

I’ve got a couple bottles of Pabst in the fridge and a luscious-looking berry tiramisu, but what I really hope for is that this 3-minute pulled pork will be as tasty as it looks. We’re lucky to have perfect weather this evening – not too hot – so dinner al fresco is as close as it gets to a classic outdoor barbecue. Happy 4th!

Pulled pork 3 minutes

Tri-berry tiramisu