February in a flash

And just like that, another month takes us further into 2020. It has been a strange, no, make that freaking weird past 28 days with the Coronavirus epidemic but I refuse to get suckered into any kind of mass hysteria. Yes we live in the worst hit region of Italy (Lombardy) but unless the red zones extend to the chestnut forest, we continue to keep public outings to a minimum.

February did bring a few memorable moments though, one of which was the 90th birthday of my father-in-law. MotH took the whole day off from work on Pop’s special day so that we could visit and have lunch together. I remarked to my husband that he should do the same next year because my father-in-law was so pleased that we actually celebrated on his birthdate instead of on the weekend like we usually do.

Now, I started off this post with the mention of the virus but if I were to comment on the visitors at the traveling french market in Monza this past weekend, I’d say that no one was worried at all about nasty germs. What for? when you can pick up french cheese, charcuterie, baked goods, soaps, lavender, cider, wine, etc? I had this event marked on the calender for 2 months and worried they’d cancel, but voila! Look at this lovely stash of goodies that we brought home.

The country pate in the front and the wedge to the left of the cider amounted to a kilo!

L-R: chevre, Banon (the round piece), blue cheese with goat milk, duck/port pate, rocamadour (free, since the credit card reader was kaput)

The obligatory pan au chocolat, citron tart, and eclair (hazelnut caramel)

Happy Leap Year! And let’s hope March brings better news for everyone.

Happy 12th Birthday Mister B!

The older he gets, the more stubborn he behaves. I have to change his kibble often because he either gets bored or tired of it, and refuses to finish it no matter how much we encourage him. He’ll snap up Maddie’s poop in the yard though. Crazy dog!