Sweet summertime in Davos

View from Schatzalp

It was a sunny italian morning on the lake when we left home, but arriving into Switzerland, the weather was a mixed bag during our 4 days in the eastern canton of Graubünden. We’re talking clouds, rain, a welcome dose of sun, and even snow when we drove up the Flüela mountain pass to get to the Engadin valley on the other side. When the skies cleared up, the landscape came to life in vivid color, revealing gorgeous, pristine scenery that Switzerland is so famous for. In early summer it’s complete tranquility without the skiing crowd, and maybe this alpine marmot (cousin to Punxsutawney Phil!), was giving us a sort of prediction: variable conditions on the horizon. We spotted it moments after crossing the border which is rare as these guys are never but a safe distance away from intruders.

Alpine marmot at Splügenpass
Alpine marmot at Splügenpass

Overall it was a really great trip. I had always imagined a swiss vacay as out of our budget, especially a mountain ski resort like Davos. Traveling during low season (June) and staying in a self-catering apartment made it affordable. We were based in Klosters, less than 20 minutes by car and accessible by bus or train. Considered Davos’ “little sister”, Klosters is way less congested than Davos. The picturesque community with the bright red trains running through owns boasting rights of being where Prince William and Prince Harry learned to ski.

Klosters-Dorf train station
Klosters-Dorf train station

Davos and Klosters bests

Despite the fickle weather, we managed to get in a short hike, made moitié-moitié fondue for our 12th anniversary dinner, drank local beer in a tiny hamlet at the top of a mountain in the Engadine valley, and ate lots of cheese. We even visited the Schatzalp hotel location where director Paolo Sorrentino’s movie Youth was filmed. I thought the movie was…meh, but the view from the hotel (photo above) – sweet!

Happy summer solstice!

Splügen, Canton of Graubunden, Switzerland, by Rubber Slippers In Italy on Flickr.

Quick hello from Switzerland before the laptop runs out of juice. The weather outlook wasn’t too encouraging when we crossed the border (via Splügenpass) yesterday, but today looks promising as we get ready to head out for some hiking and yodeling in the swiss mountains. Have a wonderful summer solstice!