Finally free to go home

My father-in-law passed away late Wednesday evening, at the ripe old age of 92. As you might have guessed from the post-title, we won’t be sticking around much longer; from today up until the funeral this Saturday, it’ll be busy days ahead.

Firstly, being that his death took place at home instead of a hospital or hospice care, the viewing will be held here. The funeral director was phoned first thing in the morning and within a couple of hours, a small team was over to dress, transport (we occupy the 2nd floor), and place the body in a bara (coffin) downstairs. I was in our room watching on the security cam and have to say that it was amazing to see how quick and efficient they were at dressing him; surely one of the strangest things I’ve ever witnessed.

The funeral director decides where to set up the bara for viewing, so instead of the spare guest room like we initially thought, the formal dining room was cleared to accommodate it and a seating area for visitors. Flowers were brought in (by the funeral parlor) in late afternoon. FYI: all services provided amounted to 4000 euros.

Tonight there’ll be a rosary, but I don’t expect a lot of people since it’s a work day. Tomorrow (Friday) is open for more visitors but according to the MotH, most people just attend the church funeral. The funeral director will arrive Saturday to pick up and transport the bara to church, then there’ll be a short mass, and afterwards the coffin goes to the crematorium.

The badante was let go this morning with termination pay. We didn’t agree on everything but she had infinite patience when dealing with my father-in-law. Now that Pops is no longer suffering it feels like a weight has been lifted. May he rest in peace.

We are finally free to go home.