Lite & fresh eating: late spring salad

Cooked farro, poached chicken breast, lettuce, spinach, radish, egg, crispy bacon, grated pecorino, red walnuts, and a very garlicky green goddess dressing

Time got past me and it’s early summer but this salad is still worth posting to kick off the season with dishes that requires minimal fuss. What makes this special for me is that the lettuce and radishes are straight from my garden, so for all of you who strive to go homegrown as much as possible, you know the feeling of accomplishment that comes from eating what you grow.

In other news…things are looking very good for Italy as more people get vaccinated and the numbers of new cases and deaths continue to drop. Daily counts are more like a bare trickle, the percentages so low that this coming Monday (28th), the mandatory use of masks will be lifted for outdoor activity. We still need to wear them in supermarkets, bars, enclosed spaces, etc., but to not have to wear one just to take the dog for a walk in a park is going to be nice for a change.