Solar eclipse in my part (of the woods)

daffodil yellow

…plus the spring equinox to boot. There was a 2-hour window to view the event but for me it amounted to a quick 10 minutes when the clouds parted a little bit. The weather in the first half of March was perfect for walking the dogs and puttering around in the yard – lots of sun and mild temps – but if we don’t get some rain I may be watering the lawn in a couple of weeks instead of mowing it. Happy International Day of Happiness!

Solar eclipse - March 20

Happy Birthday Mads!

Maddie's 10th birthday

Part ambassador (ambassadress!), silly flirt, and head of the welcome committee. Today she makes 10 years old. Tanti auguri Miss Maddie! And for you westie lovers, here’s a tv spot starring one of Maddie’s cousins once removed, Guess Diva. We still keep in touch with the breeder via social network and the burning question is: how much is the pay? Too late now for the Mads but if we get another westie, maybe I should hire an agent.