Primi (first plates)

Balote (cheese-filled polenta balls)
Bigoli (pasta with onions, anchovy, and tuna)
Cherry risotto with lardo
Chestnut gnocchi
Cialsons (ravioli stuffed with potato, herbs, raisins and chocolate)
Culingionis (ravioli stuffed with potato, pecorino, and mint)
Figs & pumpkin with pappardelle
Frico morbido and “edible” tulips
Les Tourtons des Hautes Alpes (potato-filled pockets)
Linguine with cantaloupe
Lumaconi (snail-shaped pasta) stuffed with ricotta and erbette
Nousecc (stuffed cabbage rolls)
Pane frattau
Potato gnocchi with roasted cherry tomatoes and asparagus
Ricotta gnocchi with mushrooms and corn
Risotto alla milanese
Spaghetti with Octopus
Spaghetti al cartoccio (spaghetti and clams cooked in a bag)
Spaghetti with sea urchin
Tagliatelle with rabbit and black truffle
Tagliatelle with white truffles
Taròz (a sort of potato purée with green beans, onions, cheese and butter)

How to make buckwheat gyoza wrappers

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