28° outside…now that’s more like it

Today's high

Not 15°, 18°, or 21 degrees Celsius like it has been since the month of July began. When will summer really arrive (and stick around) in the upper altitudes of northern Italy? I have new Havaianas to be worn, paperbacks to be read and a Weber grill that is just collecting dust. Even the mosquitoes haven’t come around for a bite, which is unusual because the suckers always target ME from mid-June through July. And the cicadas? Haven’t heard a peep.

Summer necessities

The positive side to the less than summery temps is that I can use the oven in the middle of the day and not break into a sweat. How is the weather in your neck of the woods?


8 thoughts on “28° outside…now that’s more like it

  1. Jonathan

    Here on the East Coast (Nantucket to be exact) we’ve had a lovely summer so far with temps averaging 23-25 and sometimes making a foray to 30. But since we usually have low humidity its bearable unlike in Boston where it’s been averaging 30-34 with the usual high humidity.


  2. Jess

    It’s cold here in Wisconsin! We have another polar vortex going on this week. Highs in the mid 60 ‘ s and lows in the 40’s. Brrr. That’s some crazy July weather?


    1. Rowena Post author

      I’ve heard or read about that polar vortex recently! It is just unbelievable, and I especially feel for those who wanted so much to start a garden but were thwarted by this weird weather. Ugh.



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