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Not your average ice cream

What kind of ice cream-style are you? Single, double, triple scoop? In a cup, cone, sundae or a retro banana split dish? Whipped cream, hot fudge sauce, sprinkles and a cherry on top? No matter how you take your ice cream, the frozen desserts plated up by MasterChef Australia contestants prove that anything goes when you’re cooking under the gun.

Caramelised Kaiserfleisch with Pickled Grape Sorbet

Caramelised Kaiserfleisch with Pickled Grape Sorbet

Such an unsual pairing, caramelized pork (kaiserfleisch is a smoked German bacon) and pickled grape flavors. But the combo gets interesting when you have sweet, tart, sour, salty, smoky and umami flavors all in one bite. The green bits are pickled cucumber and there’s walnuts too. The white smear is goat cheese. Recipe on Tenplay

Bibingka with Coconut Caramel Glaze and cucumber pickle

Bibingka with Coconut Caramel Glaze and cucumber pickle

A modern take on a Filipino favorite. Lime zest adds some sass to the sticky glutinous rice, and palm sugar ice cream on toasted coconut adds creaminess and crunch. Cucumber pickled in lime juice and sugar cuts the richness of it all. Recipe on Tenplay

Fennel Ice Cream with Smashed Wild Rice Shortbread

Fennel Ice Cream with Smashed Wild Rice Shortbread

Some vegetables really do work with ice creams, and fennel is one of them with its refreshing licorice flavor. In this dessert the pickled pear and crumbled goat cheese punch through the fennel, ending with the sweetness of chestnut puree under a pile of crumbs. Recipe on Tenplay

Cardamon Coffee Ice Cream with Butternut Three Ways

Cardamon Coffee Ice Cream with Butternut Three Ways

I don’t do coffee flavor at an ice cream shop, but this here was an instant hit at our house! Even without the trio of butternut components (purée, baked crisps, fondant), the cardamom coffee ice cream stands on its own. I did have to cut the amount of cardamom by half though because it was slightly overpowering (I grind mine fresh from seed). Recipe on Tenplay


Pineapple roti, lemongrass-kaffir leaf ice cream & chili caramel

Pineapple Roti
Don’t wait for summer to try this. Vanilla ice cream works if lemongrass/kaffir is not an option.

The 3 scoops of ice cream in the previous post may have resembled the colors of Neapolitan, but strawberry is the only one to fit the description. The remaining 2 – lemongrass-kaffir lime leaf, cardamom coffee – are flavors that grabbed my attention on MasterChef Australia. Both are exotic, bold, intriguing combinations that we immediately loved even without the extra dessert components that made up the whole plate.

The dish above is from a recipe by contestant Tamara Graffen and the element to catch my eye was the roti bread she prepared as part of the plating. I’m familiar with Indian roti, but this roti, or more precisely roti canai, is part of southeast Asian cuisine and differs in look and texture. Crunchy, flaky, butter-kissed layers of fried dough that works with savory or sweet dishes. I’ve been making these 2-3 times a week to serve on the side with curry because they are that good!

Making roti canai

Look for roti canai on the web and you might come across a guy tossing dough in the air like a pizza pro. The simplified home version is easier, and requires gentle patting and stretching with the fingertips to achieve a transparent thinness. A few bits of cold butter goes on top before folding into thirds from top to bottom, then left to right.

Roti canai

I love watching these puff up on a hot skillet. And that delicious aroma of melting butter…

Roti canai

My favorite part is the next step. The roti is scrunched up by clapping your hands around it. Clap! Clap! Clap! I find this part so therapeutic?!

The roti can be made several hours ahead of time and warmed in the oven, but you really want to devour these right out of the skillet. The full recipe can be found here.

Looking out the window

Face in the window banknote
20€ banknote – hold it up to the light and a face appears

Our faces have been doing a lot of that lately (like in the past 3 weeks!) as it’s too cold to venture out for a proper walk in the woods. This might drive anyone crazy being stuck inside all the time, but look at these two – do they seem bored out of their little minds or just plain lazy?

Mister and Maddie

If you thought bored, that would be the Westie, because cold is nothing to her Scottish roots. She’s been a little out of sorts though with some bladder issues, suffering from incontinence on occasion and the frequent need to pee. Thank goodness for absorbent pet mats. A visit to the vet for an ultrasound shows a growth (benign) in her bladder that is getting bigger, but slowly. The vet had to shave “little windows”, as she called it, on both sides of Maddie’s body to do the screening. It should grow out in a couple of months!

Maddie sporting her 'little windows' look
Rockin’ the ‘window look’ my dog butt

Despite the icy weather, there’s no lack of things to do around the house and definitely extra time to whip up something in the kitchen. What do I do? I think the photo below gives a general idea but you’d be surprised at how a simple frozen treat transforms into a special dessert with a few extra elements.

Not neapolitan