Magnum’s Marc de Champagne ice cream bar

Magnum Marc de Champagne

I spaced and forgot to share this for Creative Ice Cream Day (July 1st) since this celebratory, 25th birthday Magnum bar smacks it right on the noggin in the one-of-a-kind department. Vanilla ice cream flavored with Marc de Champagne is definitely a bid to attract adult tastes, but whoa! It’s covered in a silver-colored coating?!

Magnum bar Marc de Champagne

I’ve been looking for this ever since the tv ads started airing a couple months ago, but found it only recently at an Autogrill pit stop while on our way to Valle d’Aosta last month. Marc de Champagne is a distillate made from what’s left after pressing grapes to make bubbly. It is potent stuff. The big deal of course is the color, I mean seriously, our car is this color and it felt like I was just handed something flown in on a UFO. Alien beings aside, since we’re both appreciative of Marc de Champagne, I knew this would be great if the flavor delivered, and deliver it did, in a sophisticated way. I wish our local supermarkets stocked these – Auchan, Esselunga, Iperal and Bennet, are you listening?


5 thoughts on “Magnum’s Marc de Champagne ice cream bar

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  2. annieparis

    But what did it taste like Rowena. I saw these in Waitrose the other day , but didn’t buy them. Italy might suck at stocking these, but what super Festas they have… I know which I would prefer. 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      If you’re referring to the taste of Marc de Champagne, well, it’s hard to describe. Anyway, it’s the equivalent to italian grappa and each french region has its “own” marc, hence this one is Champagne’s eau de vie. If you like brandy, you might like this.


    1. Rowena Post author

      There was also a Magnum Gold that came out in 2010, but I never saw it! Italy sucks at stocking this special stuff — I saw the Magnum Marce de Champagne in France and they were in a 4-pack regular size. Geez. 😡



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