Magnum’s Purgatorio vs. Nuii’s Noci Pecan del Texas

So here we are again with #2 in Magnum’s limited edition gelato bars. A trio of frozen treats was created in commemoration of the 700 years that flew by since the death of the man who gave us the Divina Commedia, but to be quite frank, I wouldn’t give this to Dante if he were alive.

Biscuit-flavored gelato with pecans and salted caramel. Covered in caramel white chocolate and more biscuit pieces. What kind of biscuit, specifically, I have no idea. This was underwhelming at best, but oh the level of sweetness! It was to the point of throwing the other ingredient flavors out of whack. I tasted no pecan, man.

I didn’t forget how disappointing the previous Inferno was so I bought just one box and also this other ice cream bar with a similar flavor profile but manufactured by another company.

Vanilla ice cream swirled with caramel and coated in caramelized white chocolate and salted, toasted Texan pecans. Compared to Purgatorio, this was so goooood. I should know. Whenever I’m really into what I’m eating, the dachshund always comes running to see if he’ll get a piece.

6 thoughts on “Magnum’s Purgatorio vs. Nuii’s Noci Pecan del Texas

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  2. carlae

    I love the names of the bars. I hope you the dogs and MOtH are doing well. Fully vaccinated at this end and starting to travel next week. Mentally not ready for that at all.

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    1. Rowena Post author

      All things considered, we’re doing fine. I agree about not being mentally ready as well, BUT, there’s the Slow Food Cheese fair this September and our love of cheese will probably have us out there at Bra no matter what! How is that going to work, trying to sniff cheese through a mask?

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