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Summer ain’t over yet

As it’s National Peanut Day (Sept. 13th) and fortunately we don’t have an allergy to stop us, I made peanut butter and grape jelly gelato because man, it is still warm around here. I know it’s been quiet on the blog but there has been little things adding up to a pile of things and we all know how that goes. It’s those days that I feel like eating gelato – screw the cone, just give me the whole container and a spoon.

Getting a head start on barbecue season

With yesterday marking the start of Barbecue Month (according to daysoftheyear.com), it was a perfect way to mark the end of MotH’s holiday stay-cation and a chance to improve our grilling skills. We’ve done beer can chicken, seafood pasta in foil, paella (which needs more practice), and even pizza (which needs a lot more practice). I think it’s safe to say that steak, in general, should be a no-brainer, but when it involves a 2.5-inch thick Tomahawk, we definitely need to do things by the book and P R A C T I C E!

Grill on indirect heat, flip after 20 minutes, check interior temp to 85°F, and reverse sear directly over coals when it reaches 125°. I thought I got every step right, but apparently I got it all wrong. Or maybe I stuck the thermometer in too much that it took the reading on the other side of the Tomahawk instead of in the center. Or my thermometer just plain sucks (I use it for everything from tempering chocolate to cooking sous vide). In the end we had meat that was perfectly medium rare around the edge but rare in the center. Of course, the dogs did not mind at all.

Chocolate, pistachio, mango, pomegranate, and coffee

After the steak, grilled vegetables, rice, limoncello and coffee, we still had room for dessert. This particular gelato comes from Gelati Toldo in central Lecco. It has such rave reviews that we did what we always do when checking out a gelateria for the first time: purchase a kilo to go. The shop itself is something of a wonder because the flavors in the showcase churn in individual canisters. A kilo (5 flavors of your choice, 20€) is quite a lot but the gelato is excellent and dang it, half the container is already gone!

Toldo Gelateria
Click on the image to see video (Flickr)