Daily Archives: January 7, 2010

A birthday cheese party on Epiphany

MotH swears that being born on a holiday never culminated in twice the gifts, but the way I see it, it really should, especially if that day is on Epiphany. And what better way to celebrate than a cheese party at ours! Cheese, bottles of wine, and extras like grapes, birthday cake and cured italian meats. Among the most noted in the selection, a well-aged english stilton (center) and castelmagno from Piedmont. Superb! But it was the epoisses that had me cracking up every time the greedy gourmands in our group requested in mock french accents, “Plateau du fromage, s’il vous plait!!!” Napoleon himself would be proud as it’s been written that he was particularly fond of the pungent orange round.

My little stint as the Befana was a riot with the adults – Look at Rowena, la Befana!!!