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Happy 12th Birthday Maddie

So NOT liking that musical candle one bit. Each time I tried to slide the food bowl next to her, she scooted backwards and gave me a look that said “I absolutely refuse!” These days she’s beginning to feel her age, and it makes me a little sad, but despite the weakening eyesight, arthritis, and deafness (selective hearing, I’m sure), she still is the sweetest and friendliest little dog you could want to meet. We are so lucky to have her in our life.

Not liking that musical candle at all


The 1st of June is always a good one

Birthday breakfast

I usually wait a few days after the actual date to commemorate my birthday, but seeing as I’m rather chuffed with myself for eating a sensible breakfast, I had to pull out the camera. Peperonata, scrambled egg, freshly baked apricot croissant, and cappuccino. There are more white hairs on my head but I am totally okay with turning another year older!