Liège: for the love of waffles and meatballs

Liège might not be at the top of the list when people think Belgium (everyone goes nuts for Brussels or Bruges chocolates!), but a french travel program convinced me otherwise when the show’s host stuffed his face with waffles, or gaufres, and the city’s famous beef and pork meatballs known as boulet à la liégeoise.

Stairs of Mount Bueren

We usually make city trips brief (Mister B freaks out in all the chaos), but after seeing photos of the 374 steps up Montagne de Bueren, I had it in my head that we would climb it all the way to the top. Feel the buuuuurn.

Montagne de Bueren

Two-thirds of the way one of us needed to take a break. The doxie wouldn’t budge another step so the MotH carried him the rest of the way up. I think he has a tired, yet satisfied, look on his face, like he ran the wiener marathon or something. At one particular b&b, the owner asked if we always travel with our dogs. I replied yes, but what I really should’ve said was “Honey, it just isn’t a vacation without the dynamic duo!”

Mister on Montagne de Bueren
For the love of waffles and meatballs, let’s just go back down!

Chocolate-stuffed and plain gaufre in Liege
The famous gaufres at Pollux; the best thing ever just out of the griddle.

Boulet à la liégeoise

Much different than mama’s meatballs in tomato sauce, boulet is served with a beer-onion gravy and frites with a generous portion of thick mayo. It was everything that french show host Fred Chesneau made them out to be at l’Amirauté Restaurant in Tilff (15 minutes south of Liège).

Cold asparagus salad

Asparagus was in peak season and there was no passing up on this cold asparagus salad with arugula, parmesan shards, serrano ham, and truffle oil. Delicious! It’s a dish that I must repeat for ourselves while asparagus is still available.


10 thoughts on “Liège: for the love of waffles and meatballs

    1. Rowena Post author

      My husband mentioned Liege’s dark past during the war, and it couldn’t have been more apparent with the name of the parking lot where we left the car – Place des Déportés. I would visit the city again but only if we had more time to spare.


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  2. Jacques' Dog Blog

    I read your post first thing in the morning – before breakfast – so I walked around the house with my stomach grumbling (while I was laughing at the pictures of Mister B). Those waffles and meatballs look fantastic!!

    The look on Mister B’s face is classic. I would look that satisfied too if I was able to get someone to carry me up all those steps! 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      A good thing it wasn’t too hot, otherwise it would’ve been a pain with us wearing sweaters and jeans. Some people were in tshirts and shorts!


  3. Lisa

    Looks like a fantastic place to see! I love the looks of the waffles and the meatballs too! Yummy! Ahhhh the portrait of Mister B is so adorable! He does look like he wants to go back down and rest in his soft little bed! He looks just as spoiled as my Boo Bear! Hugz Lisa and Bear


    1. Rowena Post author

      After reading descriptions on other blogs, I know I missed out on a few things, but that gives us a good reason to go back again. I hear you on our spoiled dogs!



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