Ricotta gnocchi with mushrooms and corn

Ricotta gnocchi with mushrooms and corn

Fresh ricotta gnocchi surrounded by a flavorful ragout of corn and 2 kinds of mushrooms. Hmm… If by some odd chance Chef Melissa Perello reads of the banal substitutions that I made to her recipe, I hope she won’t be slighted. Corn season is still months away and gourmet fungi have yet to make their appearance at my usual grocer, so what’s a foodie to do except sit tight and wait? Obviously I didn’t, or wouldn’t, because after having learned of Chef Perello and her laudable cooking style (thanks Foodhoe!), it became imperative to try the recipe at Food & Wine and see if MotH would eat what I was getting all excited about.

Hesitant to make your own gnocchi at home? Not sure about getting the texture and shape just right? Well fret no more, and forget about putting that pot of water to boil. These light and fluffy ricotta gnocchi are panfried to a golden color, and shaping them is a cinch. The convenience factor is being able to prep them the day before, then cooking and assembling everything at the last moment. I’ve already made this twice – first time with cow’s milk ricotta and later from sheep’s milk – and on both counts the results were superb. Need I say that it won over the MotH? Recipe here.




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