Definitely not cut out for shopping

After a day of shopping

He has been to Ikea, the garden store, the pet shop, and even a french McDonald’s, but never at a large commercial shopping center. At such one place, dogs are welcome if they’re kept on a leash (non-food areas only), but I guess 2 hours was asking a lot from Mr B. As soon as we got back home he pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon in this position.  I could’ve sworn that he was also snoring.  The westie, on the other hand, was invigorated by all the new sights, sounds, smells and friends she made while at the hair salon and everywhere we went. She was like, Omigod! I can’t get enough of this!


Snow? Actually, last Easter Sunday. It’s unbelievable to think that it snowed at the top of the mountain, especially now when it’s 25°C.


10 thoughts on “Definitely not cut out for shopping

  1. Nonna T

    Awww, poor doggie. His preferred repose position leads me to believe that when he was a puppy he liked to nap on one’s shoulder:-) Buona Pasqua. I am very happy that the weather will be nice at least for the next week. Do you know if there are any sagre worth seeing the last week of this month in Piedmont or the Aosta Valley?

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    1. Rowena Post author

      Indeed he did! I distinctly remember the breeder carrying either him or his sister upright (against his chest) quite like how one does with a baby.
      Oh, and I will check to see what’s coming up on the sagra front (just love the mention of that word!).


      1. Rowena Post author

        I’m so disappointed… I checked the usual sites and only one keeps popping up for that time frame in Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta – a frog sagra in San Ponso (TO).


      2. Nonna T

        We just returned from a grand giro of Calabria and then spent this last week in Piedmont. Calabria was fantastic, ma nessuno parla inglese! In Piedmont my husband wanted to try finanziera and fritto misto, so our friends took us to a great place called Tre Galli in Turin for the finanziera and then to a small family restaurant in a small town to try fritto misto. On our last day our friends cooked us delicious plin, and for dessert we had pastincini from an old established shop in Turin. The customs were very kind in letting us bring back all of our ‘nduja, porcini, wines, vermouth, chocolates and torrone. Happy to be home with our treasures!


      3. Rowena Post author

        So pleased to hear that you had a wonderful time in Italy and that you were able to bring back some yummy italian goods. You did pop into my head while we were in Belgium!


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