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Glamping under the Provençal sun

It wasn’t too long ago that we were doing “glamorous camping” in Tuscany, but while neither that b&b or this one in Provence tout themselves as glamping accommodations, I couldn’t help but point out the details that made me feel like I was living large and comfy in the great outdoors. On the day of our departure I remarked to the hosts of Le Jas du Boeuf:

“I wake in the morning and on one side of the room, I watch the sun cast shadows on the roller shades — it’s like I’m in a big tent. And then when I turn around and look out the window, I’m in the middle of nature. Right out the door is the pool, so there’s your glam!”

Chenes room - interior
The Chênes room at Le Jas du Boeuf

Morning view from the room Chenes
We had the pool to ourselves most of the time as other guests were away for the whole day.

There’s enough space between the 4 rooms (2 are located at the main building) to afford an atmosphere of privacy. The outdoor kitchen/dining area next to the pool is handy for simple meals. We had fun putting together a picnic and eating right next to our room.

Picnic in Provence Picnic supper at the pool

And coffee and dessert afterwards, plus the obligatory Maddie-on-vacation photo. So yeah, the pool was the main attraction being that we’ve never stayed at a place like this.

Dessert by the pool Maddie at the pool

Only once did one of the resident dachshunds come by, but it was more of a property patrol instead of a visit. We saw them at breakfast every morning at the main house. Dachshunds can get pretty vocal (I can sense the collective nods of doxie owners reading this!), but they were super friendly, especially Addis who came out to greet us from the very first day.

Addis and Maddie


Back from Provence – what a heatwave!

We returned home last Friday to discover that Italy was pretty much in the same situation that we experienced in Provence, but luckily for us, the oppressive heat hasn’t brought on a drought like it has in the lower Italian plains. The word on everyone’s lips these days is rain!

Despite the high temps, Provence was beautiful and lovely to visit. We brought back lots of cheese, bottles of rosé, and other delicious treats, but by far the best thing about the trip was seeing the lavender fields and making friends with a trio of wire-haired dachshunds – yes, 3 of them! – at our bed & breakfast. That’s Pollux with me on the day of our departure – a bittersweet farewell that I will forever look back on with fondness as this summer vacation marked some very special occasions for all of us.

I’ll end this post with a shot taken along a lavender trail that we ended up ‘driving’ instead of walking. All of the fields were coming into bloom but it was not yet time for the harvest.

Lavender trail in Sault

Happy Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend 2017

Monday won’t be a holiday in Italy (we’ll have our turn next Friday for Festa della Reppublica) but with the warm days we’ve been experiencing lately, summertime has officially started and there’s a long list of events and celebrations to anticipate. Have a great weekend!