Happy National Dessert Day

Mont Blanc for National Dessert Day
Channeling an aurora borealis with Mont Blanc on mini chestnutcream-filled sponge cake layers

The windfall of chestnuts this year has resulted in a swarm of visitors scrambling to collect the shiny, dark brown morsels from the forest floor. We’ve had more than our fair share but I keep gathering them since the branches of our neighbor’s young castagno overhangs our vegetable garden. The owner is around only during summer and it seems such a waste to see so many just laying there on his side of the fence, but those that drop on our property get scooped up lickety split.

I make a Mont Blanc dessert in some shape or form every year so this was perfect timing for the October 14th food holiday. The main component is the chestnut puree (the most troublesome part in my opinion), so I’ll elaborate with photos of this chestnut cream layered mini cake in a following post.


Culture shock: medication for free

Buy 2, get 2 free. The other day MotH came home with my Lisinopril prescription (in case you wonder, it’s for high BP), but instead of the usual 2 boxes that my doctor will only ever prescribe at a time, the hubs handed me 4. Apparently someone had returned the 2 Lisinopril to our neighborhood pharmacy (you can see the tampered flaps on the boxes to the right), but as they had been opened, the pharmacy could not legally sell them. They could, however, give them to someone who regularly uses it so I guess it was my lucky day. BTW, my meds are generic cheap: 2€ per box.

Now I had never heard of such a thing so my paranoid self immediately opened the freebies and compared the inside packaging to the others: nothing out of place, nothing suspect, seals intact and no need to worry as they were all identical. In this day and age where hardly anything is free and crazies run rampant, it just comes as a shock that something like this even happens.

Sunday driver

A slowpoke behind the wheel is probably the number #1 grievance for any driver on the road. Normally the MotH does a quick pass but this time I asked him to get up close for a look at the offending vehicle. Mr. Sunday Driver had his own agenda and wasn’t afraid to say so. It says…

I’m retired…I’m not in a hurry