Onward March…

And what better way to begin a new month: new herbs for the garden, seeds to pot up, bulbs to plant. The current spell of warm weather has given the upcoming season a headstart. Mornings have been so full of life: increased birdsong, lots of bees, woodpeckers (pecking of course!), and squirrels scamper among the trees. On a drive into town just the other day, a fox snuck out from someone’s yard and crossed our path. As I see it, a fox is better than a black cat, yes?

Even the first few days got off on the right foot with M’illumino di Meno (turning off unnecessary lights) on Friday, and National Unplugging Day or #NoPhoneDay on Saturday. But the best part of the weekend was the Mercatino Francese, a seasonal French market held during fall and spring in various towns around Italy. It has been years since we’ve been to one, but I can always count on a food stall with a fine selection of french cheese, pate, saucisson, pastries, and baguettes straight out of the oven and into our hands.

A vegetable ash-covered creamy goat cheese and a variety of pate and cheese.

With Carnevale on Sunday, it was great timing for a simple lunch with our indulgent stash. I’ll be wanting to “march” along every day if I expect to fit into my pants.

So how are those 2019 resolutions coming along?

So, after finishing my 4th book and nearing the final chapters of 2 more (I read and alternate between 2 at a time) it’s safe to say that upping the goal from 19 books to something more ballsy like 36 would make it more…..challenging? I love historical fiction, with a little fantasy and contemporary fiction on the side, but on a whim I also started Plato: Complete Works. I don’t know if that was a wise thing to do; I’m only 1% in and already Plato is making me crazy.

Another goal this year: being more aware of how much plastic we use in the household. To that I’m going to add reducing our carbon footprint, because now companies are creating more ways to live green: biodegradable and compostable freezer bags, recycled aluminum that can be recycled again, and baking paper that is also biodegradable and compostable. I’ve only tried the baking paper and I like it, but the sheets are precut and not practical for my larger baking pans. The nice thing is disposing used paper into the organic waste bin which brings me to these buckets and trash bags in the garage.

Yellow is for paper, green for organic refuse (i.e. kitchen scraps), blue for glass, light purple bag for plastic, and clear bag (provided for free by the municipality) for everything else. Previously we had regular round buckets with snap-on lids that neighborhood dogs would knock over, but now everything is square, secure-lock, and orderly. Different days for each bucket and bag, and in summer, there’s pickup twice a week for organic waste.

We’ve been experiencing warmer than usual temperatures (25ยฐC today!) which may or not be a good thing, but any opportunity to have a barbecue on the weekend has got to be a positive!