A “simple” Christmas supper at home

L: guacamole and salmon carpaccio on crackers, cheese. R: lemongrass duck on egg noodles.

In theory, that is. I find myself wanting to fuss less and less for xmas holiday meals, and with the MotH to help with the nibbles/cheeseboard, it really is easy. So why does the house and everything in it smelling like smoke and sizzling duck fat?

Answer: because I didn’t think to turn on the exhaust hood.

Serves me right for drinking wine🍷 and cooking at the same time.

I won’t go into detail about how that wine spilled all over the computer desk and white wall.🙁

Merry Christmas from the chestnut forest!


Rape bianche

It sounds unsettling at first, but rape (RAH-peh) bianche (bee-AHN-keh) are simply white turnips. A curated section at our local supermarket displays carefully packaged vegetables that include pertinent info (origin, seasonality, nutritional value, etc) and storage tips. They cost more but you can tell that the produce is of top quality.

Inspired by Kat’s kabu post and soup recipe using turnips, I made it twice because the spiciness from the addition of kimchi is so perfect for this cold weather. Below is an adaptation subbing pumpkin for potato. For the kimchi, I made some using the turnip greens (no waste!).