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Spring weekend getaway: a treestay in Piemonte

Agriturismo Parco del Grep treestay in the Piemonte region.

Treestays or tree house accommodations are nothing new around the world, and there are truly unbelievably pimped out abodes that would make Tarzan turn green with envy. I thought I’d never see them here in Italy but not too long ago, Parco del Grep came across my radar and that was all I needed to know.

Located in the Piemonte region, roughly 40 km east of Torino, Parco del Grep’s treehouse was just my idea of what a modern casa sull’albero should look like: simple, constructed in wood, and with a tree incorporated into its design. A wild cherry tree is part of the balcony at this one, and must be quite something to gaze upon during the blooming season. Even at other times of the year, how can you not love waking up to the sunrise (the house faces east) through those glass sliding doors!

The house is about a couple minutes walk from the agriturismo’s parking and main building and sits next to an open grassy space. Paths leading to the tree tent (yes!) and the tower ruins take you through quiet nature and beautiful greenery.

We love places that offer dinner service, especially when it includes locally-sourced products and vegetables direct from the garden. The pre fix 4-course menu (antipasti, primo, secondo, dolce) introduced us to some tasty salumi, cheese, and wine, all from the surrounding area.

Parco del Grep treehouse went beyond our expectations but there are probably still those who can’t live without wi-fi or tv. So… if I were to give a recommendation, it would have to take on a Shakespearean bent: To tree, or not to tree, that is the question.

Hello April!

After weeks of waiting and hoping for any amount of rainfall, I think we’ll be seeing some in the days ahead. It has been very dry since the year began – you would think that it’s early summer – and there’s always talk on the news of alarmingly low water levels. Last month flew by with a good amount of garden work: weeding (funny how weeds grow no matter what the conditions) pruning, reseeding the lawn where the dogs’ piss created ugly patches of brown, and repotting plants into larger vases. April is looking like another busy month but if the weather holds, we’ll try to get out for some bike riding with the dogs. Go April!