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Rape bianche

It sounds unsettling at first, but rape (RAH-peh) bianche (bee-AHN-keh) are simply white turnips. A curated section at our local supermarket displays carefully packaged vegetables that include pertinent info (origin, seasonality, nutritional value, etc) and storage tips. They cost more but you can tell that the produce is of top quality.

Inspired by Kat’s kabu post and soup recipe using turnips, I made it twice because the spiciness from the addition of kimchi is so perfect for this cold weather. Below is an adaptation subbing pumpkin for potato. For the kimchi, I made some using the turnip greens (no waste!).

Hot pot season is here

Hot pot side dishes: buckwheat soba, brown rice and ginger soba, green onions, thai basil, pumpkin, enoki mushrooms, scallops, napa cabbage, eggs

With mornings in the mid-40’s and abrupt weather changes alternating from wet to dry, it was bound to happen that we’d both end up with colds. The best thing to beat il raffreddore is lots of rest and nourishing soups, but the thing is (with me anyway), is that after a couple of days I’m bored of soup. Solution? Turn it into a hot pot with lots of tidbits to stab, skewer and dip into a delicious broth.

Fresh portobello and porcini is easy enough to get here but when I spotted shiitake and enoki mushrooms at our favorite supermarket (Esselunga), the idea of fondue chinoise came to mind. A simple chicken broth and a variety of side dishes for a party of two is fun, but with a larger group you might want more than one hot pot on the table so that no one ends up battling for their turn like these kitty cats.