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The busy month of March

The 1st Sunday of the month and SUNNY!

Get a move on, March! We’re done with winter and cold, done with being cooped up in the house really, and so eager to start moving around. This month is when I always want to shake off the lethargic effect left by January and February and get caught up on pet projects that were put on hold due to the holidays.

One of those projects is a load of recipes from old episodes of MasterChef Australia, and there is no better time to start cooking those dishes than NOW. Once spring gardening kicks into gear there won’t be enough hours in the day to plate up elaborate dishes, much less photographing them, tasting them (the best part) and cleaning up afterwards. This snow post is hopefully the last of the season but seeing as it is an icy element, fancy some frozen desserts next?

First snow of the season

In the news they’re calling it Black Ice Monday because of dangerous road conditions, but today it’s just more cookie baking after a break over the past 3-day holiday weekend. So far I’ve made 24 dozen in an assortment of abbracci, thumbprint cookies (from the same abbracci dough), and nucatoli. Right now a batch of gingerbread cookies are cooling on the counter, ready to be turned into gingerbread mendiants, and because I’m ahead of the baking game, I changed my tune about not making a lot of different cookies and tried a couple of interesting recipes by chef Yotam Ottolenghi. More on that tomorrow.