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Sunday driver

A slowpoke behind the wheel is probably the number #1 grievance for any driver on the road. Normally the MotH does a quick pass but this time I asked him to get up close for a look at the offending vehicle. Mr. Sunday Driver had his own agenda and wasn’t afraid to say so. It says…

I’m retired…I’m not in a hurry

There’s no such thing as ‘wait’ in Italy

YES, another sign. But instead of hanging on a roadside stone wall, this one is neatly taped on the floor. It says WAIT…

What you can’t see is the rest of it, which in its entirety says ‘Aspetta qui il tuo turno’ (wait your turn here). This was at a food festival this past weekend while we were in line to put an order in at the cashier – just another show of hilarious proof that Italians and waiting are a bad mix. Those who know, live in, or have been to this country will understand what I mean. A staff worker came by to manually divide the undisciplined queue by sticking his arms into the line and making like Moses parting the Red Sea.

If I manage something usable out of my poorly lit images, I’ll post what 90 minutes of patience will get you at the Festa Lucana.