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Watermelon cucamelon salad

Sweet and juicy watermelon, salty feta cheese, olives, and something that looks somewhat like a watermelon gumball? Those little green Mexican sour gherkins aka cucamelons are impossibly cute, so I grew some for the first time this year. They produce quite well and don’t seem to have problems with excessive humidity (no issues with powdery mildew), so this one is a keeper for the garden even if eating them fresh in a salad is probably the best way to enjoy them.

Despite being called sour gherkins, I don’t find them to be mouth-puckering at all. They have a slightly citrusy and faintly bitter flavor that is quickly forgotten once you start biting into their firm skins. They actually make a nice textural contrast in a watermelon salad.

I’ve read that these should be harvested at grape size and not much beyond. Bees especially love visiting the blooms. The flowers aren’t big enough (they are extremely tiny!) for bees to crawl in and get pollen drunk, but it’s great to have something for them that they really enjoy.