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Raise your hand if you could EVER give up chocolate

I can only trust my imagination that there aren’t a whole lotta hands on the other side of my screen, but unless a hunger strike is involved, how could anyone give up chocolate?! Least of all, Italy’s favorite miller?

Rosita, non mi dire niente
Rosita, don’t say anything
io al cioccolato non rinuncio!
I will not give up chocolate!
Ma cosa ci inventiamo…?
But what are we going to invent…?
Ma certo, il vapore!
But of course, steam!
Ecco, i chicchi di cioccolato
Here, Chicchi di cioccolato
con meno grassi perchè cotti con il vapore.
with less fat because baked with steam.
Cosi, si mangia senza pensieri
That way, you can eat them without worries

I thought I was done with the cheesy chicken commercials until a promo for their Cantastorie collection (ceramic cups, bowls, etc) caught my attention. Buy 3 (products) and get 1 free gift, or buy 4 and get 2. It was an easy call.

Mulino Bianco steam-baked
Mulino Bianco steam-baked cookies and *free* espresso cups and saucers.


Oh com’on… just a tiny piece


Great with milk or for dunking in coffee, and a mere 28 calories each. [FYI: this package is 800 grams/28 ounces.] The dog did get a taste when a piece broke off and fell to the floor. He is extremely fast!!!

Italy’s favorite mugnaio

Italy's favorite baker/miller

In the perfect, carefree world of Mulino Bianco he is the ambassador of baked treats and the miller (mugnaio|moo-N’YAI-yoh) with a chicken. I’m not a huge fan of Antonio Banderas but as Rosita’s sidekick and confidant, Antonio is inimitable. He even gives sage advice when a relationship is in question.

0:02 Dov’è Rosita???
Where’s Rosita?
0:06 Rosita ma che hai??
Rosita what is it with you??
0:11 Si vede che non era quello giusto
You can see that he wasn’t the right one
0:14 Vedi, l’amore è una combinazione di ingredienti,
You see, love is a combination of ingredients…
0:17 ci metti un pò di dolcezza e aspetti che l’altro sia cotto a puntino
you add a little sweetness and wait for the perfect one
0:22 Non accontentarti di un galletto qualunque
Don’t settle for just any rooster

You hear that girls?? Don’t settle! The ad played over and over last week and in the end, I was ‘Banderas-washed’ to try Galletti because Antonio has incredible powers of persuasion. The MotH thought I had gone mad. I said that I could get them for 10% off.

The following is a spoof dubbed in eastern lombard dialect (bresciano) and it won’t make much sense. Hmm…quite like how I can’t understand my father-in-law when he rattles along in dialect with MotH while I stand there with dumb on my face. O_o The amended script takes on a humorous mood, thoroughly befitting of the odd-sounding dialogue.

S'è vista la gallina?
Have you seen the hen?

Porco dighel Rosita, l'è mes'ura ca ta cerche!
Dammit Rosita! I’ve been looking for you for a half hour!

T'ho detto di lasciarlo perdere!
I told you to forget about him!

Guarda questi biscotti!
Look at these cookies!

Se non fai la brava finisci nel forno insieme a loro
If you aren’t good, you’ll end up together with them in the oven.