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Onward March…

And what better way to begin a new month: new herbs for the garden, seeds to pot up, bulbs to plant. The current spell of warm weather has given the upcoming season a headstart. Mornings have been so full of life: increased birdsong, lots of bees, woodpeckers (pecking of course!), and squirrels scamper among the trees. On a drive into town just the other day, a fox snuck out from someone’s yard and crossed our path. As I see it, a fox is better than a black cat, yes?

Even the first few days got off on the right foot with M’illumino di Meno (turning off unnecessary lights) on Friday, and National Unplugging Day or #NoPhoneDay on Saturday. But the best part of the weekend was the Mercatino Francese, a seasonal French market held during fall and spring in various towns around Italy. It has been years since we’ve been to one, but I can always count on a food stall with a fine selection of french cheese, pate, saucisson, pastries, and baguettes straight out of the oven and into our hands.

A vegetable ash-covered creamy goat cheese and a variety of pate and cheese.

With Carnevale on Sunday, it was great timing for a simple lunch with our indulgent stash. I’ll be wanting to “march” along every day if I expect to fit into my pants.

11th edition of Slow Food Cheese: the coolest ever

Cheese: pungent, spicy, sweet, hard, soft, creamy, fresh, aged, and the list goes on and on. Like every single edition in previous years, the Slow Food Cheese fair this past weekend was an enormous success, attracting visitors in the hundreds of thousands. The layout was pretty much the same as 2015 with a few new additions: an area for food trucks and beer stands, and a gelato stand that had this amaaaazing toasted corn flavor.

We went on Friday, opening day, just before lunch. In my opinion it is the best day to go if you want to have a look around, nibble, taste, and stock up without feeling as if the hoards have already been there before you. The pressing crowds have yet to arrive (the shuttle bus to and from was practically empty on our ride) and the whole town of Bra has a nice, clean feel to it. A big plus was the weather which was much cooler in comparison to past events.

Firm, semi-firm: Keen’s cheddar and Stichelton (UK), Montébore and Macagn (Italy). New to us is the Stichelton, which is similiar to Stilton but uses raw cow’s milk instead.

Soft, semi-soft and downright oozing: Anneau des Gors and Figuettine (France), Tartucrem (Italy), Capri Algas (Spain). With the exception of the Tartucrem (truffles and soft gorgonzola) the remaining 3 goat cheeses are already half gone. Capri Algas has flecks of seaweed in it, and hidden within the Figuettine is a candied fig!


Caprí Algas Bahía de Cádiz: oozy goat’s milk cheese with seaweed.

Anyone who went to/blogged Slow Food Cheese 2017 is welcome to add a link to their post in the comments!