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Poke bowls in italian supermarkets?

Walking into Iperal supermarket (Calolziocorte) earlier this month I see this out of the corner of my eye and stopped dead in my tracks. WHAT? They’re serving (or had been serving since summer is now over) this most treasured of Hawaiian quick meals? Now I’m going to assume that everyone knows what poke bowls are, but if by some stroke of bad intel you really don’t, here’s a little primer in 50 shades of poke. You simply fill a bowl with rice and top with poke of choice, like this:

Poke Gorilla Bowl
The ‘Gorilla Bowl’ (no, it does not have ape!) from Makai Sushi in Kukui’ula Market, Kauai.

I was drawn to the first one – Hamachi & salsa Ponzu (12.90€) – but unless they’re keeping them on the autumn menu, I’ll most likely have to make my own.


50 shades of poke

Ishihara market poke

An essential, if not fundamental part of Hawaii’s local cuisine, poke (pronounced poh-keh), or seasoned raw fish salad, was all we thought about 24/7 on Kauai. Oh yes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, it didn’t matter what time of day, we got our fill of seafood and then some if you factor in the sushi and sashimi that we picked up at every opportunity.

Ishihara market pokeIshihara market poke

Now I know this post will sound like I’m playing favorites but the best poke on the westside of Kauai is at Ishihara Market in Waimea. Both raw and cooked, made with ahi tuna, octopus, sea snails, crab, shrimp, mussels, hamachi and baby octopus. And not only poke, but they’re also a one stop shop for ready-to-go, prepackaged meals, fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, a great assortment of single beers and 6-packs, snacks, freshly brewed coffee, and at the time of our visit, a great assortment of Talenti gelato.

Lomi tako and hokkigai poke breakfast w/inarizushi & coffee

Thanksgiving Day: breakfast on the last day. Lomi tako, hokkigai poke, cone sushi, coffee.

Poke lunch w/kalua cabbage, 2-scoops rice, mac salad

Lunch plate: kalua cabbage, 2 scoops rice, mac salad and ahi poke, $15.

Poke dinner pupus

Dinner pupus: ahi, tako, and wasabi poke. Repeat the following day.

Poke Gorilla Bowl

Last but not least, there’s also the option of poke bowls (poke over rice). Just gotta love this Gorilla Poke Bowl ($16) from Makai Sushi in Kukui’ula Market, Koloa. It has ahi, ono, salmon, avocado, cucumber, sweet Maui onion on rice with wasabi aioli, unagi sauce and tobiko.

Festa di Sant’Antonio Abate

January 17th – feast day of Sant’Antonio Abate, also known as Anthony the Great, Anthony of the Desert, and Father of All Monks among other titles. Widely popular in italian proverbs and idioms, St. Anthony was the one to turn to when something went missing or was lacking in your life. Searching for a husband? Misplaced your gold ring? He is your saint.

“Sant’Antonio fammi sposare che sono stufa di tribolare”.
(St. Anthony find me a husband as I’m sick of being single.)
“Sant’Antonio con i pantoloni di velluto, fammi ritrovare quello che ho perduto”.
(St. Anthony with the velvet pants, let me find what I’ve lost.)

As the patron saint of butchers, farmers, ranchers, and protector of farm and domestic animals, festivals held in his honor occur during the week leading up to the 17th. Small or large, it’s a way to explore local neighborhoods, but it is especially big with pet owners when the priest does a blessing of the animals.

Santa Maria la Vite convent

This past Sunday we went to one such occasion in nearby Olginate. They had games for the kids, a marching band, roasting chestnuts, open house of a 13th century convent (above), and a big tent offering set menus accompanied by the local beer. They fed us well for 43€!

Sant'Antonio Abate Sunday lunch
1. 2 plates of local salumi and cheese 2. fried tiny lakefish with lemon 3. buckwheat polenta 4. risotto with braised pork ribs

Tender braised pork shank on polenta and a couple of zeppole (like a cream puff shaped in a donut). Everything was spot on delicious and perfect on that cold and windy afternoon.
Sant'Antonio Abate Sunday lunch

Given the sociable predisposition of dogs it was no surprise that there were lots of them and zero cats. Big dogs, little dogs, happy dogs, yappy dogs, quiet dogs, psycho dogs, and then there was Maddie the flirt and Mister the I-don’t-want-to-fit-in-the-photo.

Sant'Antonio Abate dogs

In Veneto, legend has it that animals acquire the ability to speak on the night of January 17. During this time farmers stayed clear of the barn because to hear animals talking was seen as a bad omen. Oh where is Dr. Doolittle when you need him?

Sant'Antonio Abate dog blessing

If these two could speak I can tell you what they’d be saying. FEED US!

Maddie and Mister 2 peas...