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Poke bowls in italian supermarkets?

Walking into Iperal supermarket (Calolziocorte) earlier this month I see this out of the corner of my eye and stopped dead in my tracks. WHAT? They’re serving (or had been serving since summer is now over) this most treasured of Hawaiian quick meals? Now I’m going to assume that everyone knows what poke bowls are, but if by some stroke of bad intel you really don’t, here’s a little primer in 50 shades of poke. You simply fill a bowl with rice and top with poke of choice, like this:

Poke Gorilla Bowl
The ‘Gorilla Bowl’ (no, it does not have ape!) from Makai Sushi in Kukui’ula Market, Kauai.

I was drawn to the first one – Hamachi & salsa Ponzu (12.90€) – but unless they’re keeping them on the autumn menu, I’ll most likely have to make my own.


McDonald’s piggybacks on tradition with La Sagra!

Screen grab

And thank goodness it’s for a short time only. Did someone in the corporate think tank just wake up? With hundreds and hundreds of sagre (food festivals) occurring every year all over the peninsula, I can’t see how The Clown could’ve missed this golden opportunity from the beginning. Take a grilled pork sausage patty, slap some sauce on it, and voila! La Sagra is born! Even for a sagra purist like myself, how could I resist marketing like this?

McDonald's "La Sagra" panini

Okay, so it wasn’t the greatest of fast food meals but I liked that they offered a can of Peroni for just 30 cents extra. Certainly it does not compare to juicy salsiccia grilled over a fire, but if McD’s really wanted to get into the sagra spirit – I mean REALLY, a sagra is supposed to be fun! – they would’ve hung a salame from the ceiling to see what happens next.

Guess how long is the salame...
How long is the salame? Guess the correct answer and it’s yours!!

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McDonald's Share Box

Or at least that’s pretty much what the message gimmick amounts to with McDonald’s new 15-piece Share Box promo. 15 tasty morsels to enjoy with family and friends, because life is much better when shared with others. How cute. And effective. Sharing my loot was actually the only way MotH was agreeing to yet another visit to the golden arches.

Share Box goodies

Five each of spinach & parmesan croquettes, chicken mcnuggets, and crock brie bites. They were hot out of the fryer, I’ll give them points for that, but the 2 sauces escaped the attention of McCrew and sometimes I don’t bother to check for missing goodies before driving off.

Spongebob spring bouquet

Happy Earth Day – I’m lovin’ it!