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R.I.P. Mike

I suppose we could call ourselves fortunate doggy parents in that the destructive habits of our 2 rascals are confined to their playthings. Sure, now and then I’ll find one of my outdoor plants knocked over or with some obvious signs of chewing, but at their adult stage in life, they know better, and they also know that the louder the voice, the more trouble they’re in.

That, of course, is why they didn’t seem too concerned when I was annoyed to find Mike with one leg ripped off. Yes I will be the one to repair him, but the Westie gave me a look as if to say, “He’s not YOUR Mike, he’s OURS!”

Rest in peace Mike

I shook Mike’s amputated leg in the dachshund’s face and he just stood there.

Mister scout's honor


Storm’s coming

Storm 6.15.2016
June 15, 2016

This is the first day (in ages) where it appears as if we might NOT get spanked by a storm like the one 5 days ago. In the past week the days would start out fine – even if slightly overcast – until late afternoon when a storm rolled in and all hell broke loose. Hail, torrential rains, and winds so violent that pieces of chestnut forest debris ended up at our front door. As a matter of fact, the winds and rain were so intense that our neighbor suffered a landslide in his garden and a toppled tree. Lucky for us that we didn’t share his fate, but the bottom floor of our unit (the villetta is a split-level building) started flooding with water. Yeah, water coming up from the tiles like magic. It stopped as the rains gradually ceased and I estimate that the mop absorbed about a couple of 5-gallon buckets of water. Cacchio che tragedia!!!

Water, water everywhere… If you’ve been tuning into world news, I’m sure you’ve already seen reports on The Floating Piers in Lake Iseo. It’s a 60-minute drive from ours so we’re keen on going, but if the weather turns menacing we could just find ourselves trotting back to the car in the rain. The event is open for a very brief period so please Mother Nature, cut us some slack!

Maddie & Mister curses storm
When it thunders and the dogs go crazy, I tell them that HUGE PUSSICATS are farting in the sky. They always believe me.