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Happy Howloween and a strange October sky


I love to make holiday masks using the top flap from pizza boxes, and Halloween is always the best. By now Mister Bentley is an expert at posing since he knows a snack follows anything to do with my camera pointing at him. The Westie doesn’t expect anything, just puts up with it (she’s becoming more stubborn and indifferent as she ages) then runs off and plays deaf.

Halloween with the dogs 2017

The skies made national news the other night

The sky made the news last night

With all the commotion currently happening in climate and weather around the globe, it’s near impossible to listen to the news without hearing of the havoc going on right now. On Sunday evening I looked out to see a very strange sky, a sky that looked like swirls of thick foam.

The sky turned even more spectacular as the sun slowly sank into the horizon and I thought of that fancy sand art as the pastel hues deepened in contrast. MotH and I wondered if anyone else was witnessing this and about an hour later, we saw the strange skies on tv (but not before photos from all over Italy started showing up on Facebook). Yay for social media.

The sky made tv news last night

Jack and Jacques


R.I.P. Mike

I suppose we could call ourselves fortunate doggy parents in that the destructive habits of our 2 rascals are confined to their playthings. Sure, now and then I’ll find one of my outdoor plants knocked over or with some obvious signs of chewing, but at their adult stage in life, they know better, and they also know that the louder the voice, the more trouble they’re in.

That, of course, is why they didn’t seem too concerned when I was annoyed to find Mike with one leg ripped off. Yes I will be the one to repair him, but the Westie gave me a look as if to say, “He’s not YOUR Mike, he’s OURS!”

Rest in peace Mike

I shook Mike’s amputated leg in the dachshund’s face and he just stood there.

Mister scout's honor