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AstraZeneca: one down, one more to go

With the big scare that AstraZeneca generated not so long ago (4 people in Italy died of blood clots), getting our first vaccine shots this past Monday was anxious to say the least. We had no idea which vaccine would be administered, or if we’d have the option to choose. Pfizer was our initial pick, but it seemed that Pfizer was only going into the arms of people at high-risk.

The whole process took just under an hour, most of it waiting in line outside. Once inside, you’re directed where to sit before 1. getting checked in, then 2. meeting with a healthcare worker to answer a few questions pertaining to medical history, and lastly 3. getting the poke in the arm. Sit and wait, get up and go there, repeat twice more. Scratch that, after the shot we were directed to what I like to call ‘the incubating area’ for 15 minutes. This final wait was in the event of an immediate negative reaction. Thankfully no one got wheeled away on a stretcher.


Both of us were fine for the rest of the evening but it was the following day that fatigue and mild headaches set in. My ‘shot’ arm was sore and tender and by the time evening fell (roughly 24 hours after the shot), I had a fever and the chills. Popped some flu/fever meds and went to sleep.

The next morning (Wednesday) I felt better but lacked the will or energy to do much. Early Thursday morning when I let the dog out, all was back to normal. I think even the dog sensed the worst was over. He didn’t need to remind me to feed him.

So that is my experience with AstraZeneca and while I didn’t recieve a free beer or coffee, I’m glad the first part is over. The daily count of new cases has gone down so much that it’s likely all regions will be classified as white zones by mid-June. At last!