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National Hug Day

Lavender and chocolate hugs
Dai…dammi un abbraccio! (Come on, give me a hug!)

Four years ago I shared an adapted recipe for abbracci (hugs) – the cookies made famous by italian manufacturer Barilla. In light of today being National Hug Day, I present these again with a floral note: lavender and chocolate hugs. The recipe is the same as the original with the exception of 1 teaspoon of dried, crushed, edible-grade lavender flowers mixed into the white part of the dough. Give all of your loved ones a big hug or spoil them with a plate of warm abbracci – they will love you for it!

Quick and easy lebkuchen


Four dozen down, 12 more to go. Not that these lightly spiced lebkuchen are the only cookies I’m baking for the holidays, but they became an instant favorite from the first bite. I found the recipe on Belle in Belfast and immediately got to work as all of the ingredients were on hand. Yes, they’re that easy. And also SO VERY GOOD, that I made another couple dozen just now. Part of the recipe uses metric measurements so for those living stateside, here are the equivalent in cups:

250 grams flour = 2 cups
75 grams ground almonds = 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons
75 grams butter = 2.5 ounces
200 grams honey = 2/3 cup

Happy baking!