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One month ’til Christmas

Bauli wins hands down for this year’s xmas bread commercial and I have no doubt that there are plenty others who feel the same as I do. Just looking at this little girl sinking her teeth into a slice of pandoro makes me want to run out and get a pandoro (or two) for the holidays. Slathered with mascarpone, thank you very much.

La magia del Natale (The magic of Christmas) – Bauli 2015

Happy Birthday Mads!

Part ambassador (ambassadress!), silly flirt, and head of the welcome committee. Today she makes 10 years old. Tanti auguri Miss Maddie! And for you westie lovers, here’s a tv spot starring one of Maddie’s cousins once removed, Guess Diva. We still keep in touch with the breeder via social network and the burning question is: how much is the pay? Too late now for the Mads but if we get another westie, maybe I should hire an agent.