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I’ll stick with my Moka pot, thank you

If it hadn’t been for a post that I saw on Instagram last night, I’d never have known that Bialetti, the maker of the famous Moka coffee pot, was seeing a drop in sales. An italian online article dated back in October confirmed this; the cause being placed on the rising popularity of those pod capsules.

We have 4 Moka pots: 1 tazza (Italian coffee cup size), 3 tazze, 4 tazze, and a 2 tazze electric Moka that we always take with us when traveling outside of Italy. I can’t imagine the Moka going out of style and I’d really hate to see Bialetti closing its doors in the future. Still, I suppose coffee could eventually have a different look, and when I saw this on the news this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder what people are thinking these days.

A coffee alarm clock. Seriously? It looks like the perfect gift for a chemist, but I thought I heard a $400-something price tag. Ouch. All so that you can wake up within arm’s reach of a fresh brew. Wow.

A break from the weather

Cappy and mohnschnecken

I won’t go into detail on how much water we’ve had since the beginning of November, but I will say that despite the wet weather, it’s relatively high and dry here in the chestnut forest. Today (and supposedly tomorrow) comes as a welcome respite from incessant rain. Saturday the splish-splash starts all over again. Sunshine, oh how you’ve been missed!

Ich freue mich riesig auf Weihnachten.