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A “simple” Christmas supper at home

L: guacamole and salmon carpaccio on crackers, cheese. R: lemongrass duck on egg noodles.

In theory, that is. I find myself wanting to fuss less and less for xmas holiday meals, and with the MotH to help with the nibbles/cheeseboard, it really is easy. So why does the house and everything in it smelling like smoke and sizzling duck fat?

Answer: because I didn’t think to turn on the exhaust hood.

Serves me right for drinking wine🍷 and cooking at the same time.

I won’t go into detail about how that wine spilled all over the computer desk and white wall.🙁

Merry Christmas from the chestnut forest!

From now on YOU’RE doing the gingerbread house

And he was so neat and tidy! To think that all these years I figured piping the icing detail and adding the candies was MY job (since I used to do that sort of stuff at a bakery), but now I know better. IKEA just needs to come up with more designs because the MotH wants to do a village next year.

No snow on Christmas eve and Christmas this year which actually works out for the best when taking the dogs for a walk. We’ve got the whole week to do just that, but while the sun is out and the weather behaves, a bit of exercise helps for every calorie consumed. Happy Holidays!

Christmas eve starter: Roasted Spanish piquillo peppers stuffed with whipped salt cod on chickpea puree. Christmas breakfast: overnight bagels (held in the fridge and boiled/baked as soon as I woke up) with smoked salmon and cream cheese. And freshly squeezed oj – what a treat!