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Who ATE all the cherries?!

Well so much for thinking that the 10+ pounds of Marostica cherries would be enough to eat and cook with. I had every intention of sharing something, even a simple thing like cherry cobbler or cherry tiramisu, but the bulk of our purchase ended up in our bellies. What more can I say? The harvest this year may not have been as great as 2015, but the cherries were so delicious that it was impossible to keep our hands out of the fridge.

At the cherry festival in Mason Vicentino (a few miles west of Marostica), a competition for the best of the best had crates of plump, shiny red, amazingly perfect specimens on display at the judging station. Hand-selected and inspected one-by-one by the respective producers, they were the ultimate of the season’s crop. Local roadside stands were everywhere (even at a gas station) so you didn’t even need to check out a festival to buy some. Now I know better to buy more the next time.

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Ready for some cherries?

Mister B actually does not like cherries

Back in March we went to see the cherry blossoms, but this time around we spent a 4-day weekend in Marostica for the cherries: piled high in a bowl, in creamy gelato, in a cocktail drink, with pasta, on cheese, and even plucked from a tree when nobody was looking. More cherries in the days to come.