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11th edition of Slow Food Cheese: the coolest ever

French cheese display

Cheese: pungent, spicy, sweet, hard, soft, creamy, fresh, aged, and the list goes on and on. Like every single edition in previous years, the Slow Food Cheese fair this past weekend was an enormous success, attracting visitors in the hundreds of thousands. The layout was pretty much the same as 2015 with a few new additions: an area for food trucks and beer stands, and a gelato stand that had this amaaaazing toasted corn flavor.

We went on Friday, opening day, just before lunch. In my opinion it is the best day to go if you want to have a look around, nibble, taste, and stock up without feeling as if the hoards have already been there before you. The pressing crowds have yet to arrive (the shuttle bus to and from was practically empty on our ride) and the whole town of Bra has a nice, clean feel to it. A big plus was the weather which was much cooler in comparison to past events.

Slow Food cheese stash

Firm, semi-firm: Keen’s cheddar and Stichelton (UK), Montébore and Macagn (Italy). New to us is the Stichelton, which is similiar to Stilton but uses raw cow’s milk instead.

Slow Food cheese stash

Soft, semi-soft and downright oozing: Anneau des Gors and Figuettine (France), Tartucrem (Italy), Capri Algas (Spain). With the exception of the Tartucrem (truffles and soft gorgonzola) the remaining 3 goat cheeses are already half gone. Capri Algas has flecks of seaweed in it, and hidden within the Figuettine is a candied fig!


Caprí Algas Bahía de Cádiz
Caprí Algas Bahía de Cádiz: oozy goat’s milk cheese with seaweed.

Anyone who went to/blogged Slow Food Cheese 2017 is welcome to add a link to their post in the comments!


Pecorino cheese all the way from Ireland

Pecorino from Vincenzo
Facebook: Vincenzo’s Little Dairy

Earlier this week, our cheesemaker friend Vincenzo from County Cork sent a wedge of young pecorino our way. The cheese is made from milk produced by his own flock of sheep, and I’ve been enjoying the much-appreciated gift in peace (trying to anyway) when the dogs weren’t looking. Unlike aged pecorino, the flavor is mildly pleasant, but it turns a shade wicked with a dab of sweet chile pepper jam.

Thank you Vincenzo! Of course I googled Pecorino Vincenzo and found Toons Bridge Dairy in County Cork. Absolutely love the idea of Italian cheese taking root on the Emerald Isle.

It’s Krampus night!

Krampusnacht dinner
Manchego, Cabrales DOP (spanish blue cheese), Irish porter cheese, Black Angus bresaola, Jabugo jamon. In the container, gorgonzola to put on top of a pizza bianca.

Well…since the film Krampus has yet to arrive at our favorite cinema, we will have to make do with what we’ve got on hand. Beer – Krampus Reserva of course – cheese, cured meats, and pizza. The evening of December 5th is when these badass creatures come out to haul away bad boys and girls.