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Pecorino cheese all the way from Ireland

Pecorino from Vincenzo
Facebook: Vincenzo’s Little Dairy

Earlier this week, our cheesemaker friend Vincenzo from County Cork sent a wedge of young pecorino our way. The cheese is made from milk produced by his own flock of sheep, and I’ve been enjoying the much-appreciated gift in peace (trying to anyway) when the dogs weren’t looking. Unlike aged pecorino, the flavor is mildly pleasant, but it turns a shade wicked with a dab of sweet chile pepper jam.

Thank you Vincenzo! Of course I googled Pecorino Vincenzo and found Toons Bridge Dairy in County Cork. Absolutely love the idea of Italian cheese taking root on the Emerald Isle.

It’s Krampus night!

Krampusnacht dinner
Manchego, Cabrales DOP (spanish blue cheese), Irish porter cheese, Black Angus bresaola, Jabugo jamon. In the container, gorgonzola to put on top of a pizza bianca.

Well…since the film Krampus has yet to arrive at our favorite cinema, we will have to make do with what we’ve got on hand. Beer – Krampus Reserva of course – cheese, cured meats, and pizza. The evening of December 5th is when these badass creatures come out to haul away bad boys and girls.

Team Castelli at the cheese fair

Slow Food Cheese stash 2015

Slow Food Cheese, (Bra, Piemonte) – it just keeps getting better and better. A pity that this occasion happens only every 2 years because like all the fairs before this one, Cheese 2015 had us sniffing, tasting, and buying a good variety of items that we probably would’ve never seen in our lifetime. The weather was ideal – sunny yet cool – on our late Sunday afternoon and Monday morning visit, and for whatever it’s worth, we now know that Monday (the last day of the fair) is waaay less crowded than the weekend. We even scored some freebies!

The new addition this year were food trucks to help sate the appetites of the masses. Beer on tap at the beer piazza and Ales&Co booth were very popular stops, while the street food vendors pumped out lots of fried things. Switzerland did not make a repeat appearance with their raclette station this time around, so I’m really happy that I got to make a video of them in 2013. Oh why, Switzerland, why? I was looking forward to some melting cheesy goodness!

As Team Castelli is comprised of a foursome, I gotta say that the dynamic duo were patient and well-behaved although the doxie was shaking in his boots. People kept asking me why I would put a muzzle on a little dog (like I was mean or something). At first I replied that he bites when stressed, but eventually switched to “because he eats all the shit on the ground”. With a knowing nod of their heads they believed that response over the biting issue. He didn’t get to be toted along in the trolley, but to make up for all his troubles, I let him nap on the Spun chair that was in our b&b. Look at the westie sleeping like an angel. Tired and stuffed from sneaking cheese scraps on the ground.

Mister having fun in the Spun Sleeping Westie on a Spun

It’s all about personal taste when it comes to cheese and ours run along the more pungent notes. More photos can be seen in my album on Flickr but rest assured that this isn’t the last you’ve seen of cheese on my blog. Just yesterday we attended a cheese sagra and bought – you might have already guessed it – MORE CHEESE!