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Here we go again, it’s cazoeùla season in Cantù

Cantu's 5th cazoeùla festival

More cold days on the horizon? Bring it on! The 5th Cazoeùla Festival in Cantù is back in a contest of the best cazoeùla in the city. For those who may have never heard of this northern italian dish, one way to describe it is basically this: a casserole of pork ribs and sausages, pork skin, cabbage and seasonings. Variations go according to the town or area, for instance, cazoeùla in Cantù does not include the verzini or pork sausages.

Cazoeùla - 'tis the season!
At Osteria del KM Zero – excellent flavor, texture (tender pork ribs, cabbage not overcooked), and quick service.

The price of the basic menu remains at 13€ per person and includes cazoeùla, polenta, and cover charge. Beverages not included.

And the winner is…

Nope, it’s not a line borrowed from last night’s Oscars, but the announcement of who took home the trophy for having the best cazoeùla in the 4th Festival of the Cazeoùla. We didn’t sit on the judging panel, but of the 9 competing restaurants, 3 that we dined at made it to the finals: Trattoria il Giardinet, La Cascina di Mattia and Trattoria Riposo. Criteria was based on visual aspect, adherence to specification, flavor, and matching wines, with points awarded on a scale of poor, good, or excellent. Surprisingly, the judges’ final decision was right in line to how we voted at home.

And the winner is…Trattoria il Giardinet! We also thought their cazoeùla was the best of all, even if the cabbage was overcooked for our taste (we like a little bit of crunch in the leaves). Perfect seasoning, and extra points for serving it on super hot plates.

Cazoeùla at Trattoria il Giardinet
775 points

La Cascina di Mattia took 2nd. We were in a party of 5, two of whom were partial to the Milan version (with small pork sausages called verzini), so there was some critiquing at the table. Apparently verzini is not used in Cantù’s cazoeula. Some of us felt that the meat on the pork ribs wasn’t tender enough, while others thought it lacked something in the overall flavor.

Cascina di Mattia: la cazoeùla
607 points

Trattoria Riposo placed 3rd. Just a tad too much salt in this one that brought on a huge thirst a half hour after we left. The bread, however, was artisan-style with wonderful texture and lovely uneven holes. I would return just for the bread alone! Big plus: they brought separate bowls of water for the pups!

Trattoria Riposo: la cazoeùla
597 points

Being the last cazoeùla to whet our appetites, we couldn’t resist ordering something extra at Trattoria Riposo (mouseover for details). Looking forward to the next festival in 2017!