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Birthday weekend, busy month, bread mania

Another year added to the 50-bunch and a turn in weather for the better. In one week it has gone from a cool 14-17° to a toasty 29°C this past Saturday. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day/weekend to celebrate at home with the MotH, furkids, and great food and drink. The MotH made his specialty saffron risotto (risotto alla Milanese) and osso buco. Opened a lovely Nebbiolo from the Langhe and voila! – Sunday lunch is served.

On my actual birthday (Saturday) we had a long day of errands, but with cured meats procured from the supermarket, some of that cheese bought on a foggy day a couple of weeks ago, and homemade flatbread, it was enough to fill the belly before stepping out for more errands.

June is always crazy like that and you’d think that I’d be prepared from day one. Well I am, on the garden front. But then I had to go and get myself interested in long fermentation breadmaking after spotting something on Instagram, and now I have 4 starters and 8 different types of flour (and growing) in the pantry. I have been baking A LOT of bread!

The end of an olive flatbread and a slice of turmeric bread

At first I simply used my starter in the premixed flours that I normally purchase at the super. Now I want to blend my own mixes, adding different flavors, textures, etc. I’m not quite there yet because I haven’t settled on the ideal flour for long-rise breads, but I love, love, LOVE it when I cut into a loaf and it has gorgeous holes! The month of May was cool enough that I could crank up the oven and not break a sweat (or overstimulate the sourdough starter), but now I need to adjust the whole dang schedule to avoid baking in the middle of the day. When I have attained the perfect loaf, I will certainly be breaking bread on these pages.

It’s a bread, it’s a bag, it’s kaak!

I know the title sounds cheeky but it’s better than WTH that crossed my mind when I learned about this purse-shaped loaf studded with sesame seeds. A bread that you can tote around and eat it too? How cool is that! It all started when I was looking into the round-shaped kaak (middle eastern version of Greek pita), and from there I discovered that kaak/ka’ak is Arabic for cake and comes in both sweet and savory variations. Apparently the bread bag version is a common sight around the streets of Beirut as vendors suspend them from food stalls or trucks.

The best thing to come out of this is that I am now hooked on getting the hang of baking in a Weber. It’s a steep learning curve, but bread done in a kettle grill has its own particular flavor and gets me spending more fun time outdoors before summer comes to an end.

Round ka’ak pocket breads baked in the kettle