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Going, going, gone!

Dec. 31st, 35°F/1.5°C outside – finally, some cold weather, and maybe snow this weekend?

9pm – Corsendonk Blanche belgian beer with…

Seld’ pod shuboi (herring under a fur coat) or simply shuba (fur coat). A layered salad of diced herring, potatoes, onions, carrots, beets and eggs, and also apples in some versions. A dish served during russian xmas and new year’s holidays. I had no idea of shuba until hearing it mentioned in an episode of Flesh and Bone.

10pm – St. Bernardus Christmas Ale with…

Zighinì, an Eritrean/Ethiopian dish, only a bit italianized with lentils (representing money) and ossobuco standing in for the cotechino that neither of us likes.

Eating with our hands and making the gursha (feeding one another).

January 1st, 12am – Happy New Year!!!

It’s a beery hot day for International Beer Day

Representing England, Italy, Brazil and Hawaii. Got beer? Picked up last night at Auchan Merate (with the exception of the Wold Top Brewery beers)

Chestnut, sour fruit, elderflower, and even a saffron beer! We’ve been downing several brews (other than our belgian trappist stash) since the month of May, but there is no better time like today to unload all of it on International Beer Day. The forecasted 90-plus degrees finally reached us in the chestnut forest and we are prepared and all beered up. The beers in the top photo have not yet gone through a taste test, but these here all come with my 2¢ worth.

Another beer that I had hoped to feature today is one made in Norcia. Produced by monks, Birra Nursia came to my attention thanks to a reader (grazie Nonna T!). The clip below is all about the beer, but another (in english) gives a glimpse into the lives of The Monks of Norcia and this exquisitely beautiful area of Umbria. Link: https://youtu.be/nTQTFW1Gdbs