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Whoever thought Tampax could be so hip?

All summer long I kept seeing this Tampax #decidoio on tv and just passing it off as another one of those trendy Italian commercials with equally trendy music in the background. I know that stuff still gets censored in the states but over here…to each his own. You can clearly hear the f-word phrase from Mikey Mike’s song Doin’ Me near the end, but that’s not what bothers me. Neither do the tampons being associated with body-shaming, gender discrimination, and dressing as you please. What bugs me is the ‘I decide’ hashtag, as if deciding how you take care of your monthly should be a big effing deal in the first place.

The video isn’t shown in its entirety; missing is a part where a hand model demonstrates how to insert the tampon then release the applicator. All of 2 seconds that for some reason, is absent in this video. I find it hard to believe that #youngItalianwomenareTHATstupid.

Lo sapete vero?
You know, right?
Non smetteranno mai di giudicare
They’ll never stop judging
e di pensare che io lì non c’entro niente.
and thinking that I don’t belong there.
Mi fisseranno… ma va bene così,
They’ll stare at me…but that’s okay,
perché i loro sguardi non mi toccheranno
because their stares won’t touch me
e sarò proprio dove voglio essere.
and I’ll be right where I want to be.
Non smetterò mai di fare le mie scelte.
I’ll never stop making my choices.
Sono io a decidere.
I decide.

Japanese puzzle-like cutting technique

Grandma’s Recipes on youtube are a series of visually delightful and interesting stories focusing on elderly Japanese women and the dishes close to their heart. In one of the videos, there’s a cutting technique that no matter how high or low I search, can not seem to find its particular name. I’m somewhat familiar with most cutting styles, but in the 12-second snippet above, Grandma slices off a chunky block of fishcake and cuts it deftly into 2 polyangular pieces.

The result immediately reminded me of those wooden “genius” puzzles, the kind where you fit all the pieces together to form a single shape. I’ve always thought the puzzles were pretty cool so of course I had to play with my veggies to see if I could achieve what Grandma effortlessly did, even if it took a lot of twists, turns and setting the pieces down.