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Goodbye, summer

August 31, 2021 – I suppose you could say today’s date marks an end (or beginning, depending on your point of view) in a segment of American history, but I’ll take the lighthearted route and post the last of Magnum’s Dante-inspired ice cream bars. I tried Inferno, then Purgatorio and lastly, Paradiso in the 3rd installment slated for a July-August run. Thank god it’s over.

Pistachio ice cream (edible but not great) in a double coating of ruby chocolate and white chocolate. The quality of the white chocolate was so bad that it felt as if I was chewing a piece of wax. UGH! Never have I been so turned off by an ice cream bar.

Oh well, gelato season is gone anyway. A welcome drop in temperatures with days in the mid-70’s and nights in the mid-50’s has me thinking of delicious things that come with autumn. We still have our sights on Slow Food Cheese next month, so to that I can say Hello, September!