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Buona Pasqua

Happy Easter 2017

Back in the day I would whip out dozens of these, no problem. But yesterday I realized that I’m sadly out of shape when it comes to decorating cookies as these took forever to do. A good thing Easter only comes once a year – Buona Pasqua!

National Love Your Pet Day (February 20th)

Doggies' Saturday stroll

Every day should be love your pet day, but while there’s a few more minutes left of February 20th (in Hawaii), I’m posting this in a jiffy. We’ve been lucky on the weatherfront and spring is surely showing itself in yellows, but it’ll be nice when we won’t need to light the woodstove to keep warm in the evenings. The Dynamic Duo have it so good with their fur coats!

Springtime here we come

In Marostica for the cherry trees: by foot and by car

Springtime in Marostica. The birds, the bees, and cherry trees! If Easter had just waited until a couple of weeks later this year, then surely we would’ve caught the ciliegi in full bloom. [Note: Easter 2017 will occur on April 16, so yay!] Here are 2 ways to experience the flowering season north of Vicenza.

Known as the Colline di San Benedetto, this itinerary is located less than a mile from the lower castle in Marostica’s center town. It has the option of becoming a loop trail and is suitable for all ages and furry friends too. The path covers a brief, slightly steep incline at the beginning but levels out afterwards. We did the whole thing in order to give it a complete evaulation and I can say that the best part is up until waypoint 2 (click to enlarge), so if you make it that far then you’ve covered the most beautiful views.

Itinerary #36 - Colline di San Benedetto

Colline di San Benedetto

Details: satellite view on my Google maps
Length: approximately 4 miles
Duration: 2 hours
Difference in elevation: 160 meters / 525 feet
Start and end: via Ponte Quarello
Parking: yes, along via Ponte Quarello or at the park on Via Matteazzi
Pros: not particularly difficult, suitable for families
Cons: the last segment of the path (see waypoint 4) runs along the main highway for 450 meters before heading inland. There are no sidewalks.

Itinerary n.36 (1) Itinerary n.36 (2) Itinerary n.36 (3)
Trailhead sign on via Ponte Quarello. The path winds through trees and what was once the site for a small church (San Benedetto). It opens up to a view of Marostica’s upper castle.

Itinerary n.36 (4)
Abandoned farmhouse along the way.

Itinerary n.36 (5) Itinerary n.36 (6)
We came across so few people on this walk that it felt like we had it all to ourselves.

Itinerary n.36 (7)
A wild cherry tree in bloom. This is the best part and I believe the highest point in elevation.

Itinerary n.36 (8) Itinerary n.36 (9)
The dogs made a friend at one of the farmhouses. Mister B didn’t get all aggressive!

Itinerary n.36 (10) Itinerary n.36 (11)
Left turn-off toward Valle San Floriano (waypoint 2), left again on via Sedea (waypoint 3). Path leaves main highway and heads back.

And for those who prefer to sit behind the wheel, the Strada delle Ciliege between Marostica and Villa di Molvena is just under 4 miles long.

Strada delle Ciliege
View map: