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So how are those 2019 resolutions coming along?

So, after finishing my 4th book and nearing the final chapters of 2 more (I read and alternate between 2 at a time) it’s safe to say that upping the goal from 19 books to something more ballsy like 36 would make it more…..challenging? I love historical fiction, with a little fantasy and contemporary fiction on the side, but on a whim I also started Plato: Complete Works. I don’t know if that was a wise thing to do; I’m only 1% in and already Plato is making me crazy.

Another goal this year: being more aware of how much plastic we use in the household. To that I’m going to add reducing our carbon footprint, because now companies are creating more ways to live green: biodegradable and compostable freezer bags, recycled aluminum that can be recycled again, and baking paper that is also biodegradable and compostable. I’ve only tried the baking paper and I like it, but the sheets are precut and not practical for my larger baking pans. The nice thing is disposing used paper into the organic waste bin which brings me to these buckets and trash bags in the garage.

Yellow is for paper, green for organic refuse (i.e. kitchen scraps), blue for glass, light purple bag for plastic, and clear bag (provided for free by the municipality) for everything else. Previously we had regular round buckets with snap-on lids that neighborhood dogs would knock over, but now everything is square, secure-lock, and orderly. Different days for each bucket and bag, and in summer, there’s pickup twice a week for organic waste.

We’ve been experiencing warmer than usual temperatures (25ยฐC today!) which may or not be a good thing, but any opportunity to have a barbecue on the weekend has got to be a positive!

New year, new goals

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We all do it, those new year resolutions, and I’m probably late (by social media standards) in declaring the ubiquitous January objectives. I prefer goals instead, they sound less demanding, and makes me think of a nice reward at the end which can be the aspiration itself AND something else to sweeten the deal.

Okay, so much for the current wordpress Block Editor where you can embiggen the first letter, change both font and post-background colors, have free use of images at your disposal, and a bunch of other bells and whistles. I couldn’t figure out how to get the text to align on both sides and found out soon enough that it involved more than I was willing to do and pay for.

That said, my ideals for 2019 are these 3: read 19 books, attend 5 sagre to complete my page 100 Ways to Celebrate Italy, and being more conscientious about the needless use of plastic in the household. By now I think all of us have seen those plastic pollution videos that have gone viral on the internet, and even if it’s a little thing like bringing reusable shopping bags to the market, every gesture counts toward helping the environment.