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Tuscany day 2: glamping under the Tuscan sun

La Dolce Vita in Vetulonia
La Dolce Vita, our hideaway in Vetulonia

You won’t have a tv or internet (for that you’ll need to go to the main building), but at Agriturismo Il Baciarino, why bother being a slave to the grid when you can indulge in a little dolce far niente? Excuse me while I pour a glass of wine in a toast to Julia Roberts.

La Dolce Vita

Where: ancient Etruscan village of Vetulonia. Tucked away on a quiet hillside surrounded by acacia trees, wildflowers, and pretty weeds, La Dolce Vita Vita lives up to its name and offers the casual air of camping life but takes the edge out of “roughing it” with indoor plumbing and hot running water within its rustic stone walls. Renovated from an old farm shed, it is one of 5 self-catering cottages on Il Baciarino’s property.

Glamping at La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita outdoors

A sheltered outdoor kitchen with camp stove, dorm fridge, open dining area, hammock, sun loungers, and swedish hot tub was all it took to fall in love with this magical place. But the true hook, line, and sinker? The undeniably breathtaking view.

Buongiorno bella!

Make that a jaw-dropping view and friendly resident donkeys. We offered apples to the mother-daughter duo and they had us trained from day one. The next morning while I was putting the Moka coffe pot on the fire, they ambled up – clop, clop, clop – and gave me a look that said, “Well where are the apples?”

Pesce fritto

Food: definitely fish. A quick trip to the fish stand in Castiglione della Pescaia for cold beer and fried seafood, then a hop over to the Saturday morning market for lunch items. Roasted pork sandwiches, fava beans, pecorino, chicken liver crostini, and Chianti. Cheap and tasty!

Pranzo al fresco

The dogs loved their new digs. Such a huge difference from being enclosed in a hotel room, and with so much to sniff and explore.

Dog's life at La Dolce Vita

They napped in different spots throughout the day but I swear that Mister Bentley preferred the hammock to all else. What a dog’s life, eh?

Dolce far niente in a hammock

I know we’ll be back: Il Baciarino


National Hug Day

Lavender and chocolate hugs
Dai…dammi un abbraccio! (Come on, give me a hug!)

Four years ago I shared an adapted recipe for abbracci (hugs) – the cookies made famous by italian manufacturer Barilla. In light of today being National Hug Day, I present these again with a floral note: lavender and chocolate hugs. The recipe is the same as the original with the exception of 1 teaspoon of dried, crushed, edible-grade lavender flowers mixed into the white part of the dough. Give all of your loved ones a big hug or spoil them with a plate of warm abbracci – they will love you for it!