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Slow Food Cheese 2019

Unlike previous Slow Food Cheese events in Bra, this year was so much more enjoyable with a decidely cooler climate and better organization (e.g., color-coded bus stops so no confusion over which bus to take back to the parking area, low-cost wifi, more trash receptacles). We were there for a total of almost 5 hours and I’d say that the only downside were a couple of snarky vendors who were probably having a bad ‘cheese’ day.

As always, entry to this event is free and most cheese samples are free or at moderate cost. From noon til late evening there’s a great mix of street food, food trucks, and beer stalls to slate your hunger and thirst. This year I tried a specialty of Palermo, Sicily – pane ca meusa (spleen sandwich) – not too bad! Slow Food Cheese also ranks high as a dog and child-friendly place, so fun times for the whole family. The next one is in 2021.