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Will we never ever get enough of these two?

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Back up, you creep. It’s not that her space is simply being invaded; it’s more like he’s trying to inhabit it!


Deep within Wildwood Forest

This is far from the usual topics for my regular readers, but I’ve been wanting to participate in the wordpress daily prompts so here goes. My vocabulary can now boast the addition of the word outlier.

[Fact: In all the hours that I’ve played Potion Punch, I’ve seen these 2 together only twice!]

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Come on down to Mr. Brown on May 29th


I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned that MotH plays the keyboard in a small band, so this is a shout out for the group. Next week Sunday they’ll be jamming at La Locanda di Mr. Brown, Via Cadore, 96, 20831 Seregno (MB).