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Popovers turn flopovers in silicone mold

Ah yes, and that answers your question if, like me, you were hoping that with a little extra time in the oven, popovers baked in silicone molds would turn out a success. These rose beautifully but once removed from the molds, the lower part instantly shrivelled up like old mushrooms. I had to try anyway being that today is blueberry popover day, and once cooled I ate 3 of them one after the other. The recipe on King Arthur Baking is excellent!

Getting an actual popover pan is out of the question as I have too much baking stuff. Old and well-used pans on the other hand, are still waiting for someone to rescue them at my inlaw’s. I would hate to see these ‘heirlooms’ end up in a garbage heap. We’ll see what comes back with me tomorrow.