Monthly Archives: April 2023

Planting and painting, no time awaitin’

Forgive me if this is short & sweet, but spring is where the action begins and multitasking skills are put to use. We got a good amount of rain, I got my plants, and now, after having had to forgo some home maintenance in 2022 while caring for my father-in-law, we get to repaint the walls where mildew had started to set in. Living in the mountains has its pros and cons, but the number one problem we face is humidity. We’re on ground level, north-facing side (the back of the apartment) situated against a slope that is in partial shade most of the day. The enclosed terrace outside always feels damp no matter the season.

Now the MotH (Man of the House for you new readers) takes care of the necessary materials, among which includes a special anti-mold & anti-condensation paint that costs nearly 100€ for a 3-gallon bucket. The paint does keep mildew at bay, but only for 3-4 years. Then we repeat the process.

As stated, short & sweet. I need to update the garden blog! I end with these Mara de Bois strawberries. They started kicking in after the days began to warm up, but after a good bout of wet weather, they always seem to be right as rain.