Happy Spring Equinox

Puschkinia libanotica (Lebanon squill)

Between starting seeds, transplanting, potting up, pruning dead branches, and tossing winter casualties into the compost bin, I’ve had my hands full as the cold months gradually gave way to the new season. The big snow that we had hoped for never came, and at this point it won’t make much of a difference if April brings showers for May’s flowers. We need precipitation for the following months too.

To combat increasingly lower water levels, I’ve heard mention on the news about a desalination program like Israel’s for the purpose of field irrigation. That would bring relief for the ag sector. But knowing how this government works, it’ll be some time before anything actually happens. In the meantime, I carry on with my 5-gallon buckets and save water whenever and wherever I can. Every drop is going to count as the mercury rises.

5 thoughts on “Happy Spring Equinox

  1. Julia

    Having lived in Colorado for over 25 years, I got used to hoping for lots of snowfall in the mountains since that meant we’d have water in the summer and fall. Sometimes we didn’t get any snow and we’d have to really watch our water usage.


    1. Rowena Post author

      That’s interesting to hear as I thought Colorado always had lots and lots of snow each winter. Those travel brochures certainly planted that ‘image’ that Colorado was never without!

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      1. Julia

        Some years, we would get so much snow and others, not so much. On the tallest mountains, it can snow in the the summer. It’s just not enough snow to do anything. When it was in the 90s in Denver, we would drive to Mount Mitchell and enjoy the cold. Sometimes it would be snowing.

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