All the season’s colours

Taken only this past Saturday in perfect 18°C (64°F) weather

Goodbye November. We’ve been taking in every bit of autumn color as we can. Slow walks up the mountain before the cold and wind take their toll on the foliage, and trees are suddenly stripped bare. Temps took a sudden dive at the start of the week, down to single digits (think mid-30°s F), and the wood-burning stove is lit every day. If rain was on the minds of everyone this summer, the question now is if it’ll snow, and snow BIG come winter.

Persimmons, beet, kohlrabi, puntarelle (in background), Tuscan kale

With the season comes great produce, and we never go without getting a flat of plump persimmons, the kind where you need to wait until the pulp is gelatinously soft, the fragile skin splitting at a touch. I love these all by themselves, scooped into a bowl of plain yogurt, or in smoothies!

This beet weighed a kilo (2.2 lbs.) and took a little over an hour on simmer to cook until tender. I used it to make beet pickles. The kohlrabi was part of the coleslaw for Thanksgiving last week. Beets and kohlrabi are my new favorites; too bad I can’t grow them successfully because of the voracious slugs in the garden.

Kohlrabi and carrot slaw. Julienne the crisp vegetables, add some mayo, salt, pepper, and a splash of vinegar. Easy peasy.

7 thoughts on “All the season’s colours

  1. kat

    I just saw something on French news where Spain is growing tropical fruits (lilikoi, dragon fruit, mango, banana & papaya), hopefully they will appear at your markets 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      Italy is upping its game in some ways – I can find lilikoi and dragon fruit plants at the nursery. Too bad they wouldn’t last in the kind of climate we have. I think Sicily is already growing mangos and possibly papayas. Spain is THEE place for agriculture though.



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