Happy Tday: I spared the turkey and grilled a chicken

Nothin’ like a good char on the skin!

Maybe I was feeling a bit presidential by ‘pardoning’ a supermarket turkey this year (someone else can eat it). Or maybe it’s just that as each Thanksgiving comes along, I find myself wanting to cook less of it, in the sense that at first it was a breast, then thighs/drumsticks, on to turkey burgers and finally turkey cold cuts for some previous Tday or other. Missing is that urgency like I would have if I were stateside, so why not throw a butterflied chicken on the grill? I smoke out my neighbors and we get to eat a bird on this most American of holidays.

Mystery pumpkin pie

On tonight’s menu is grilled chicken, kohlrabi and carrot coleslaw, and pumpkin pie. We all have many things to be grateful for, each and every day. Many thanks for all of you who visit and continue to read this blog. Happy Thanksgiving from the chestnut forest!

4 thoughts on “Happy Tday: I spared the turkey and grilled a chicken

  1. Nonna T

    What? No “Johnny Tacchino”?! 🙂 I completely understand. Happy Thanksgiving! If I were in Italy right now, I would eat all that the season has to offer in your region and make a meal of it. I’m sure that my ohana in Hawaii are doing the same 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      I lost you on Johnny Tacchino? Enlighten me please! Speaking of what the season has to offer, I have just the post (and also an upcoming event!) to share. Hint: the event includes loads of garlic!


      1. Nonna T

        Ha! I was equating “johnny Tacchino” with “Johnny Stecchino”: An american name tacked on to an Italian name (funny movie too :-)) Also, the word tacchino reminds me of stecchino.. I look forward to your event with garlic! Bring it on!


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