October Sun

We’ve actually had sunny, rainy, and cloudy days for the past couple of weeks, but the sun I’m talking about is this late variety of plum named October Sun. Deliciously sweet, juicy and crisp, they’re the kind of plum I like eating out of hand instead of sticking into a baked tart.

So…this month is a rather busy one as my cousin and husband will be visiting from Hawaii. They’ve requested that I host a cooking class for them, and I’ve been racking my brains on what dishes to teach that would also be easy to replicate in the islands. I’d like a bit of wow factor too because what point is there to learn something and not show everybody what cuz Rowena taught them, haha! I haven’t asked if they’re vegetarians or are allergic to anything but a part of me is rather rascal-ish and I’m thinking hmm….maybe some cockscombs?! Or perhaps brains on a stick? Every region of Italy has their own typical dishes but since I’m up north in Lombardy, it makes sense to reflect the cuisine.

Decisions, decisions. I’ll have to pick her brains to see what I can get away with…

5 thoughts on “October Sun

  1. Nonna T

    Nervetti in insalata? Finanziera? Bollito misto? Of course ossobuco. How about bagna cauda with lots of dippable veggies and rustic bread?


    1. Rowena Post author

      I’d like to go with dishes from Lombardy (but I did think of bagna cauda!). Nervetti is a GREAT idea, and I love the thought of bollito misto even though it would be stretching it for our region. Ossobuco e risotto alla milanese is TOP. I better ask if they eat meat.



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